There are various important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a domain name. It should ideally be SEO-friendly and easy for your visitors to remember. Another important factor to take into account is the TLD, or top level domain. The top level domain is the last part of a web address. The most common top level domain is, of course, .com. While a .com top level domain is suitable in many cases, this is not always so. Consider the following tips when choosing your TLD.

.com Top Level Domains

Most of the world’s web sites use the .com top level domain. There are good reasons for this too. It is easier to type a .com web address in most web browsers for a start, since all you need to do is type the name of the site and press control and enter to add in the www. and .com sections of the web address automatically. Although this feature is customizable, few people would rather have it any other way.

.com addresses are easier to remember and they are ideal for most websites because of this. If your site is aimed towards people all over the world, then your top level domain should reflect that and, generally, a .com address is what you should go for.

National Top Level Domains

A national or country code top level domain is much more suitable than the generic .com TLD in various cases. When you have a website which is specifically for a national audience in a particular country, a country code top level domain lets your viewers know that it is locally based. If, for example, you run an online shop for selling goods to the Canadian market, then using the .ca top level domain instantly makes the visitors you need realize that your site is a local one which concerns them.

Other Top Level Domains

Many other top level domains exist for various specialist purposes. Three of the most common are .info, .org and .net though these are typically only suitable for non-profit informational resources, non-profit companies or portal / network service-related websites respectively.

There are other TLDs which are restricted to particular types of websites, such as .gov for government-run websites or .aero for airline- and airport-related sites.

Another type of top level domain that almost anyone can register is the country code domain names which have been made available internationally. Top level domains such as .fm (Federated States of Micronesia) for example, are suitable for online radio stations and music-related websites. .tv (Tuvalu) is available as well, ideal for online television channels and related sites. Other top level domains available for worldwide registration include .me (Montenegro), .cd (Democratic Republic of Congo), .ws (West Samoa) and much more.

International Top Level Domains

International domain names were approved for use by ICANN in 2010, but they have yet to make a major impact on the web. Available top level domains in other alphabets are even rarer, although they are starting to take off. One of the few currently available internationalized TLDs is ‘.рф’ (.rf) for the Russian Federation. However, due to the current rarity of international TLDs, it is best to stick to conventional ones, only registering an internationalized domain in addition to your regular one.