Teak Outdoor Furniture(109167)Credit: http://www.meublecatalog.com/10-tips-to-buy-teak-outdoor-furniture/Credit: http://www.meublecatalog.com/10-tips-to-buy-teak-outdoor-furniture/

Having outdoor furniture makes outdoor living more comfortable and pleasant.  When buying outdoor furniture, you have a wide selection of materials and styles to choose from.  Materials from which outdoor furniture is usually made are: plastic, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron and wood.  Each of these materials has benefits and drawbacks.


Plastic patio furniture is the choice for a person on a budget.  It is usually the least expensive option.  Plastic is relatively easy to maintain, and cleans well with a mild soap and water solution.  Spraying plastic furniture with the hose or a pressure washer works well.  Scuffs can be removed with a mild scouring powder.  Plastic can be stored indoors or outdoors in winter months.  Plastic is not as durable as other materials, and can be blown around the yard in an intense wind.


Wicker has a timeless beauty.  Outdoor wicker should be waterproof for the longest life available.  Wicker furniture for outdoor use is often made of synthetic materials and can be cleaned with a soap and water mixture and scrubbed with a sponge.  Wicker furniture often has cushions with the seats for added comfort.  Wicker furniture should be stored indoors for winter.


Powder coated aluminum is a good mid-range choice in price.  It is not as lightweight as plastic and much lighter than wrought iron.  Aluminum is easy to care for and the painted powder coating makes it resistant to rust.  Cleaning can be done with soap and water.  In winter months, storing aluminum indoors or covered is advised to lengthen the life of the furniture.  Cushions need to be brought indoors in wet weather to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Wrought Iron

Furniture made from wrought iron adds a classic beauty to any outdoor décor.  The design of the wrought iron is the result of workers shaping the iron.  Wrought iron is a very heavy material and not easy to move, so you should plan to leave the furniture in one place for a long time.  Wrought iron furniture should be covered to prevent rust or have a powder coating.  Wrought iron is the outdoor furniture of choice in windy environments.


Wood furniture is classic and timeless and goes with any outdoor décor.  Wood is a natural material and wood treated for outdoor use is resistant to rot, bugs and mildew.  Some woods are especially suited for outdoor use and have a natural oil to resist bugs.  Teak patio furniture and furniture made of cedar can be stored outdoors year-round.