Strawberry kitchen decor can add a lot of light as well as a cheerful feeling to a kitchen. You might want to have a vintage look in your room. It can also be traditional because fruit decor is often used in a kitchen. At the same time you get a bright red that you can mix and match with any color of tile or cabinet. This allows a lot of versatility. Here are a few tips for finding and decorating with strawberry kitchen decor.

Let the strawberries act as the color in your room. This is a very bright color, even if it's only used in small amounts. You want to make sure that it doesn't overwhelm your room. Actually, the red will stand out a lot more against a white wall instead of a bright wall. If you really look at strawberry seeds you'll see a bit of a gold or taupe color which can serve as a great inspiration for your wall color in the room.

You might want to go with more of a modern look. A strawberry theme can be very traditional or country. Instead, you can find new ways to decorate with strawberries that will make more of an impact in your room. In this case you want to keep the accessories to a minimum and instead go with bold statements. You may be able to find sleek stainless doorknobs in the shape of strawberries. From far off they'll probably look like a plain stainless steel knob until you get a closer view and see a sense of humor and whimsy. This will give even your stainless steel appliances a little romantic touch. You can also spray paint regular magnets silver or black. The original strawberry shape will remain the same but the paint allows you to create more of an elegant look. This will almost seem like your stainless steel appliances have sculpture on them. Instead, of hand painted artwork look for graphic photographs of strawberries that will add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen.

Go for a vintage feel. This will give your kitchen a sense of history and make it feel very cheerful. It can save you the hassle of doing a complete room remodel. Vintage kitchens were often smaller but still completely functional. You could create the look inexpensively by bringing in red ceramic jars and then pairing it with a few strawberry prints. You can even find a vintage item like a strawberry tablecloth to really add color to your theme. This allows you to add a little bit of character to a basic white kitchen.

Whenever you decorate a theme kitchen it's easy to get a lot of items that you don't need. You could tie in normal kitchen appliances like blenders and mixers just by getting a bright red finish. Themes don't last forever but your kitchen accessories will. You want to make sure that it's a theme that you truly love before you start investing in it. You can also keep things a lot more simple and sophisticated just by buying the same item multiple times. This way your room won't look cluttered. For instance, you could create continuity just by buying several strawberry cookie jars. You could use them to store a variety of foods and it will really add a lot of color to your countertop.