A tablet computer opens up a world of possibilities for artists who like to draw using their computers. A tablet computer's unique design is perfectly suited to this task. A tablet has the functionality of a laptop, while having the features of a digital drawing tablet. Their compact, foldable design allows artists to take their tablets with them almost anywhere. Graphic design software, like Adobe and Corel, can easily allow you to master the art of drawing on your tablet computer. When you save whatever you draw to your hard drive, you can have it ready at a moment's notice.

Use Only a Compatible Stylus

You'll want to make sure that you draw only with the stylus that came with your computer or a compatible one. If you use another device, you can risk damaging your tablet's screen. This can render the tablet inoperable until the screen can be replaced and also poses a possible electrical shock hazard. If you're not sure which replacement stylus to buy, check your user manual or call the manufacturer's tech support line.

Try Using a Mouse

If you're not totally comfortable using a stylus, consider using a mouse instead. Trying to use a stylus can be awkward for users accustomed to mice or trackpads. When you use a mouse, you can get used to using your drawing program more easily. You'll have more time to learn and enjoy what you're doing, instead of coping with frustration over using an unfamiliar device.

Choose a Comfortable Place

Learning how to use your tablet will be more enjoyable if you're comfortable while doing so. The more comfortable you are, the more you'll be able to concentrate on your drawing. A stiff neck or back can cut your session needlessly short. Consider a comfortable chair where you can prop the tablet up on your knees or a seat at a table that doesn't require you to bend your neck too much.

Give Yourself a Bigger Drawing Space

The first few times you use a tablet, you'll want to consider giving yourself a large space to draw in. This will help you get used to moving your stylus around and creating the shapes that you need. When you have you drawing program open, upsize your drawing screen to 2000 X 2000 pixels, or the largest size you can use. You'll be glad that you tried this option when you start drawing. Once you've mastered the necessary movements, you can start working with smaller spaces.

Experiment with the Various Color Tools

Most graphic design programs have a variety of tools you can use to create certain effects when drawing. Don't be afraid to try any of them, even if it seems like they're for more advanced users than you are. Your best chance of becoming proficient is to use these tools as much as possible. Some of the effects that you can obtain using these tools including shading, filling and weathering effects. If you use a drawing program as much as possible, you'll be able to draw on a tablet as easily as you can in a free-hand style.