Most of us know that water is good for us. We know that we should be drinking a lot of it. We have even heard of benefits that include healthier you, healthier skin, and over all better function. However, most of us still resist drinking lots of water. Somewhere along the way we developed a taste for drinks with flavor. We want sodas, coffees, teas, sugar drinks, and juices long before we want water. What would you like to drink today?

While this gets us through and it isn't until something goes wrong that most of us realize that we are dehydrated and just plain not getting enough water. With a few tips you can start drinking more water today. Your body needs 8 to 10 glasses of water (under normal circumstances). If you are active, it is hot outside, or you have certain conditions then you should consume even more water then that!

  • Get a water purification system or buy bottled water- Water is something we normally don't drink because it lacks flavor. Of course, if your water has any hint of funny taste or smell then you are even less likely to drink it. Bottled water or purified water will make it more likely that you will drink more water.
  • Get a water bottle- Carrying water with you everywhere you go can help increase the amount of water you consume. After all, when you are thirsty you can actually drink instead of putting it off. It is also less likely that you will grab something else to quench your thirst.
  • Have a glass next to you at all times- When you are at home, work, or some other place where you aren't moving around a lot make sure you have a glass of water by you at all times. Drink from it regularly.
  • Add flavor- Lemons or limes can be used to add a bit of flavor to your water. It makes it more enjoyable. You can also buy bottled juice for a really cheap option. Other great flavor options include cucumber slices or mint leaves (soak in a pitcher of water over night for a really refreshing drink).
  • Order water- When going out to eat order water. Don't go for the soda or other beverages that are just not so good for you. If you want more flavor most restaurants let you order your water with lemon. It will then come with a lemon slice or two for added flavor.
  • Drink water slowly and all through the day- You don't want to overwhelm your system with a ton of water all at once. Instead it is important to drink water all throughout the day. Don't guzzle it, but take small drinks when you wake up, before and after meals, and before and after exercise.
  • Limit caffeine beverages and alcohol- caffeine beverages and alcohol are diuretics. That means that they stimulate the kidneys and cause them to produce more urine. Much of this urine is water that the body could other wise use.
  • Drink when you feel like snacking- Often times our bodies confuse thirst signals for hunger signals. Many of us consume snacks instead of taking care of the real problem- Thirst. If you have had plenty to eat (or it should have been plenty), but you still feel hungry then have a glass of water. Drink it slowly and you should feel better at the end.

If you still struggle to get enough water in throughout the day then consider setting a watch or timer to announce the top of every hour. When it goes off drink some water. This will help you remember to drink water regularly, even when your day gets busy. Here are just a few more things to keep in mind when it comes to drinking water:

  • Thirst is bad- Most of us drink when we are thirsty (and not always water). However, thirst is a bad sign and only happens after the body has already started to get dehydrated. Try to drink enough water throughout the day so as not to experience thirst.
  • Headaches are often a sign of dehydration- Many of us reach for pain medication when we should be reaching for water. Headaches are a very common sign that your body (or more specifically your brain which is 85-90% water) doesn't have enough water.
  • Check yourself- Common signs of dehydration (some of which many people don't know about) are dark colored or strong smelling urine, dry skin, dry mouth, and fatigue. Getting enough water could make your feel a whole lot better! Plus these signs are fairly easy to check for. You should note that urine should be very pale or not visible at all oncediluted in the toilet bowl. If your urine is yellow or bright in the toilet then chances are really good that you aren't getting enough water.
  • Don't drink a ton of water at meal times- You should actually limit how much fluid you drink with your meals. Fluids can weaken the concentration of your stomach acid and make digestion harder. Instead, drink before a meal and after to allow for the best digestion possible.
  • Avoid fancy water- In today's society you can get vitamin water, mineral water, carbonated, and flavored waters. These should be avoided because they don't offer the best option for you. Vitamin water has artificial sweeteners and offers vitamins your body doesn't need. Mineral water is full of minerals your body can't digest. Carbonation is bad for your system and lowers the productivity of the water and flavors are often there with a host of other things such as preservatives, sweeteners, sugars, and empty calories. It is better to flavor your own water with fresh fruit, vegetables, or herbs. If that doesn't work add a splash of 100% fruit juice to it.

Water is important to life and health. You need to be getting a lot of water, but that is usually easier said then done. Take a few of these tips and start adding more and more water to your daily life. You can start slow and work your way up to a water habit that will make you feel great.