Everyday dinnerware is something that you can use all the time. It's not just like your fine china that you only pull out once or twice a year because you're afraid of it being broken or damaged. This is really one of the functional pieces of your home, but it can also be beautiful. Your plate is really going to change up the presentation of the entire meal, so don't discount it because they really can be quite important and it's also just a spot of color in the room.

When you go with casual dinnerware sets you might need to change up the material. You can find very durable melamine plates. These usually come on the scene around summertime. This means that it's going to have a bright array of really fun colors. Since it is so inexpensive you can afford to really go with the latest trendy color such as orange.

When you choose your table setting you can have a lot of fun with solid colors. Stock up on a few holiday colors such as green or red. Then the rest of the plates can be neutral such as brown or white. This gives you a lot of different options to mix and match. This is the perfect way to decorate if you just have a lot of unusual colors in your dining room such as purple and green and it's difficult to find those on a plate. In this case, you can just really create your own by putting together a lot of different sizes of plates and bowls all from the same collection. This is a way to add a totally new look to your dining room without having to paint the walls. Oftentimes you'll keep the same furniture for years but you can still get a fresh feeling in the space with small accessories such as plates.

You can also have a lot of fun by mixing and matching patterns. This is going to ensure that even very sophisticated scrollwork patterns are a little bit more casual and fun for every day. If you have a basic white plate this can be the base for an elegant or less formal table. It all just depends on what kind of bowl or plate you put on top of it as well as what kind of silverware you pair it with. In this case, you can just try mixing and matching lots of fun stripes, solids, and polka dots for a really youthful kind of luck.

When you buy sets of dinnerware you save a lot of money. The one disadvantage to this is that you have to buy all of the plates and bowls in the box even if they're not items that you are going to use. However this does give you a chance to stock up on mugs. This can be a great alternative for basic stemware because it does have that casual feeling to it and you probably already have a lot of these items in your cupboard. In this case it's the perfect opportunity to just branch out and find mugs that coordinate with your dinner set. These also have handles on them so it can work quite well for younger kids.

Another thing that you want to take into account for a less formal look on your dining room table is the silverware. You can find a lot of really fun pieces with plastic handles; of course you want to make sure that they are dishwasher safe. The handles can usually feature a very funky color. You can also just go with plain silverware. Stay away from a lot of trim or inlays on the silver because this can be a little bit too formal and then your plate can seem mismatched.

Another option is to go with heavy stoneware. This is going to give the table more of a pottery or handmade ceramic kind of look. It's also going to add a lot of interest just to plain solid colors of pieces. This is going to be a lot heavier than your basic fine china, but that's okay. This can really go in an entirely different direction. You can really compliment this by buying a lot of beautiful earth tone colors such as chocolate brown or olive greens.

This can also be a general idea that you bring into your more formal entertaining if you just want to have a more youthful feeling dinner party. This is also important because your china really does need to coordinate with the furniture and architecture of your space. In this case, you could just go for really fun butterfly patterns on your china. Then bring in a kind of accent color, even if it's a very elegant robin's egg blue. This is going to make a big difference because people are used to plates just being a basic white.

Another really fun option is to play around with color. You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a funky color of fine china. However, you might be more comfortable just spending a few dollars on really vibrant stoneware. Usually your dining room is pretty neutral with a lot of wood tones on the furniture. This means that you can really brighten things up with your accessories and plates. You could even try out a sunny yellow or a warm red. These might be colors that you would be scared to decorate with in large volumes such as your paint color. Just using it in smaller ways can still get your favorite color in the room in a much more manageable way.

Another really fun pattern that you can find is to go with the tile kind of pattern. This often has a Mexican or a Tuscan kind of flair to it. It can even feature handpainting. The really great thing about this is that it's going to combine a lot of yellow, blue, red, and green altogether. Since these pieces are a little bit more expensive than solid colored dinnerware you can just use a few of these plates or bowls and then accessorize with the rest of your solid colored pieces.