We must constantly stay hydrated if we are to keep ourselves at peak performance. The importance of drinking water is something that many of us understand, but few of us actually do. Drinking water on a continual and regular basis is the oldest and best defense against the onset of excessive thirst.

If the key to fighting excessive thirst is drinking more water, then it is in our best interest to find ways to get the water that we need. There are many ways we can accomplish this goal, but I would like to highlight a few tips that we can easily implement into our daily lives.

1. Always carry a bottle of water - This is probably the simplest and most obvious method to use in the fight against excessive thirst. Having a bottle of water handy will deny a person the excuse of not having any water close by. Most bottles today are also convenient in size and shape so as to be easily portable and comfortable to carry. Most businesses and establishments also understand the need to drink water and stay hydrated and thus will not often prohibit you from carrying a bottle of water into their establishment.

2. Set a goal - If we make a commitment to ourselves or others to drink a certain amount of water each day, then we stand an even better chance of overcoming excessive thirst. This happens because when we set a goal, especially a goal of which others are aware; we have a greater tendency to follow through on our commitments. Keeping our eyes on the prize, so to speak. This may sound silly at first, but through repetition and the development of the habit, drinking water will become almost second nature.

3. Purchase a stainless steel water bottle - These are a bit pricier at first, but the savings you will experience over the long haul are enormous, especially as you begin to drink more and more water each day. Having a stainless steel water bottle around allows for reusability whereas traditional plastic water bottles are useable only a few times and then have to be thrown away. A side benefit of using a stainless steel water bottle is its 'green' nature. The fewer water bottles we have to throw into a landfill the better. These are great tools in the fight against excessive thirst.

4. Pay attention to your body - If you are feeling thirsty, then you are already feeling the effects of excessive thirst. Try to get to a point where the drinking of water is a habit and not something that is done only after we start to feel the negative effects. As you drink more water and become hydrated, you will start to notice a general feeling of wellness that you may not have experienced before. Pay attention to this aspect of your health. Enjoying this healthy hydration is one of the keys in fighting excessive thirst in all its forms.

The human body is predominantly made up of water. As such, staying hydrated is of paramount importance in our overall health and well-being. Excessive thirst threatens to rob us of our body's natural and delicate balance. Staying hydrated is not something that should be a side note to our day. Drinking water should become a habit we develop so that we can do it when we are in the midst of other daily tasks and routines. Doing so will keep excessive thirst at bay.

Staying hydrated, staying healthy, and staying aware are the best actions we can take to fight thirst. Are you drinking enough water?