Depending on the fibromyalgia patient either pain or fatigue will be the biggest symptom. At first glance you might think that the pain is the worst part of being chronically ill. The fatigue is also debilitating and incapacitating. Here are some tips for dealing with fibromyalgia fatigue so you can still accomplish your goals.

Break it down into more manageable pieces. Just cleaning the house can seem overwhelming simply because every movement is full of pain and stiffness. Imagine trying to go through college or hold down a job with that kind of pain. It can be difficult but feels next to impossible. The secret is to take it in smaller bites. You might not even be able to finish everything in one day. The important thing is that you do something.

Set small goals for yourself. This might not mean that you try to run a marathon. It could be something easy like putting on makeup everyday. For some fibromites this can seem like a marathon. So often fibromites get stuck in the time frame of "I can't". Give yourself achievable goals to get in the mood of "I can".

Get enough sleep. This is a piece of advice that most healthy people could also follow. We wonder why we are tired all the time. Some of us even buy beds worth thousands of dollars for a better nights sleep but then don't spend enough time using them. Finding a mattress comfortable enough for fibromyalgia can be a huge task in itself. Fibromites will often sleep in fits, waking up constantly throughout the night. You may need to talk to your doctor or participate in a sleep study so you can reduce the fatigue that comes from not sleeping enough.

Give yourself some extra time to accomplish tasks. You may even notice that when you are in the middle of a fibro flare you walk slower or seem to move in slow motion. You also run the risk of getting in trouble at work for not meeting deadlines. Instead, accomplish tasks as soon as possible. This way if you are too sick to work or return the books to the library you have extra time. This will also keep life from becoming overwhelming and too stressful.

Cut out unnecessary tasks. Just like a regular healthy person, you can't do everything. You can still do something, but not everything. You may feel exhausted simply because you are trying to do too much. Talk with your partner about lightening some of your load to see if it helps your overall well being.

Fibromyalgia fatigue is a very really problem for many fibromites. Once you learn to manage your disease you can start building your life back to the place it was before you got sick. Who knows, it could even be better than before.