Discount window treatments can really save you a lot of money. It allows you to change out your fabric whenever it becomes outdated. This can help you coordinate with your new furniture or just allow you to change up your design style. Here are a few tips for discount window treatments.

Really evaluate what you need. Your window treatments are an easy way to tell whether you spent a lot of money or you went a cheaper route in your room. This can affect the rest of the feeling in your entire space. You might be able to salvage some of your existing window treatments just by adding a few new elements. You'll want to look at each element individually to see if it still has any potential. It might just need a few details or a different accent color. This can create a fun craft project that also gives you a custom look.

An easy way to combat this is to just go with the bare minimum that you need so that you can get quality pieces on a budget. You might not need valances, curtains, and sheers. This is a very heavy and formal look. It can also look very outdated. Instead you might just need a light pair of curtains. Another option is to just go with curtains on the windows that need them for privacy and then just use a valance or coordinating cornice in the rest of the room to save money but still have a complete look.

Mix and match your window treatments. When you hit outlet stores you'll often only be able to find a few curtain panels. However, this can really save you a lot of money and you can still get a designer look. The key is to make different window treatments all work together in the same room.

You could buy the same treatment in different colors and then use it in a teen's room for a fun element. This can even work in an apartment where you can't paint the walls. Just make sure that all the different colors are in the same tone. For a Moroccan feel you could try silk drapes in various reds, blues, and purples. If you want more of a natural feel then go with different grays, blues, and greens. You need to make sure that these window treatments look as good open as they do closed. You can really help it out by going with a repeating pattern. You'll want the middle curtains to touch. Then when they are open each side will have the same color on it. This allows you to get a unique look that still seems put together.

Another option for discount window treatments is just to use less fabric. You could install blinds or sheers to act as the main workhorses in the room. Then you could place a more expensive silk curtain panel on either side to get a luxurious look on a budget. This also gives you a little bit of design durability. This way you'll only have to change out two curtain panels when your style changes. This is a fantastic option if you want to try a bold print or color palette because you won't have to invest in a whole wall of curtains.