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Driving Under the Influence (DUI), also sometimes still called Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), is against the law if the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is above a certain amount. States differ on their allowable blood alcohol concentration (BAC). When drivers are found over the legal limit then they are charged with a DUI, a crime that has an increasingly harsh penalty. If you are charged with a DUI then finding the best DUI lawyer can change your life. A public defender will likely leave your life on the mercy of the judge who has seen thousands of DUI charges continue drinking. Finding a DUI lawyer is the only thing that will save you.

Arizona DUI Laws, Penalties, and Lawyers

Drunk driving laws vary throughout the states (and world). Since states can make their own laws, DUI penalties are not uniform. Some states have extremely harsh drunk driving laws. Arizona DUI laws and their hard DUI penalties are a good example. Whether you catch charges in Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, or Phoenix, Arizona DUI laws are all the same, strict. The chances of getting a good Phoenix DUI lawyer is slim if you don't have money to pay for it. All of those cities are in Maricopa County where the infamous "tent city" resides, waiting for drunk drivers. Arizona is a good example of one of the worst states to get caught drunk driving because the Arizona DUI penalties are hard and jail is imminent. Arizona DUI charges are dependent on the person's BAC level. If the BAC is over .15 then the driver can be charged with an "extreme DUI" and faces harsher penalties still.

Because of all of the tricks in the Arizona DUI laws it is clear that you better find and hire the best Arizona DUI lawyer. Having the best DUI attorney in Phoenix can mean the difference between dropped charges, reduced charges, conviction, jail time, fines, fees, loss of license, and prison. If there was ever a time to cash in the rainy day fund it is after being charged with a DUI, Arizona or elsewhere. A DUI charge can wreck your life and driving drunk can harm you and others. Use these tips to find and hire the best DUI lawyer you can wherever you are arrested.

How to Find a DUI Lawyer:

Use the Courthouse as a Resource.

Go to or call the courthouse. Folks like bailiffs, court reporters, court clerks, office workers, and others know which DUI attorney they would hire if they were charged. As well, they know who they would not hire as their DUI lawyer, which is just as important. It is recommended that you pick and choose a lawyer like you would a doctor needs to save your life. Spend that time to find the best DUI lawyer because jail or prison will feel a whole lot worse than having a cold. Courthouse personnel might not want to talk about who the best DUI lawyers are but don't let this stop you from finding the right way to ask them who they would hire. It is about how you ask just as much as the reason behind the question. Ask who they would hire in a creative way that does not put them on the spot of passing judgment on someone that might be a colleague. Courthouses are particularly helpful for a person who is seeking a DUI trial lawyer. Everyone has the right to a trial of their peers although not very many cases actually go to trial. Most of them plead out.

Interview the DUI Attorneys

Call every DUI lawyer in the phone book. Using the Arizona DUI attorneys as an example, go through the Phoenix phone book and call all of the lawyers listed. Make a list of the lawyers that sound good and cross off the ones who don't. Now go online and do the same thing. Remember that you don't just have to hire a Phoenix DUI attorney because you are arrested or cited within the Phoenix city limits. Arizona lawyers can practice throughout the state. It may be in your best interest to hire a Scottsdale DUI lawyer because the city is more affluent. Don't limit your lawyer search to one city. Compile a list of the best possible DUI lawyers along with their attorney fees and retainer information.

Pay attention to the lawyer's specialization. The best DUI attorney is going to specialize in DUI law, especially if you're going to court in a city like Phoenix where the Arizona penalties are so variable by the BAC. Criminal attorneys will advertise that they handle DUI cases, but if this is not their specialty then there are many details that they may be unaware of that could result in your conviction. A DUI lawyer who knows the nuances of DUI law will provide you with the best representation.

A good tactic to getting DUI attorney referrals is to ask the lawyer directly who they would hire if they had DUI charges or which DUI attorney would they hire to represent their mother. Ask how they would find the best drunk driving lawyer. Think of it like asking a doctor which one of his competitors he would use if he needed surgery. Make it personal. The lawyers know who loses and who wins, and they have the unique position of seeing which lawyers do what. Don't expect inside information, but push a little because they do indeed know about the best DUI lawyers.

Research State and City DUI Laws

Since the DUI laws vary between states it's a good idea to do state specific DUI law research on your own. Knowledge is power. It's important to your DUI defense to know what your DUI charges mean. Getting educated on your legal and civil rights is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself, other than finding the best DUI defense attorney to handle your case. This is especially true is you have a public defender or finances limit you to hiring a good DUI attorney rather than the best. Call around and ask about low income legal resources for DUI charges. Just because you cannot afford an attorney does not mean you do not deserve a good one.

Final tips for finding the best DUI lawyer:

Ask questions. Talk to friends. Lawyers can be intimidating, but don't be shy; this is your life. Write down questions before calling and make notes. Many DUI attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of these as they are a good opportunity for you to get a feel for the attorney. Ask about prior cases, how many went to trial, as well as the legal outcomes. A qualified DUI lawyer needs to have training in field sobriety testing equipment. A DUI case can hinge on the fine details only the best DUI lawyers will pursue.

Ask the DUI lawyer to put his promises in writing, especially if he makes some that sound too good to be true, like "don't worry, I'll get you off." Criminal defense attorneys can make big promises but they need to be able to follow it up with action. Your lawyer needs to help you navigate the legal system to get the best outcome for you. If you have a drinking problem then consider counseling and getting sober. Not only is it the only way to prevent another drunk driving charge, but it will help your case and your life. A good tool is a portable personal breathalyzer. Buying a personal breathalyzer is cheaper than a DUI arrest. The BACtrack personal breathalyzer is highly recommended* portable breathalyzer that can help you guage your BAC and intoxication level. It is a safer alternative than immediately getting behind the wheel although taking a cab is better. It's easy to get a DUI. Many non-alcoholics get them just from going out to the bar and having a few drinks, especially during the holidays, like New Year's Eve. One wrong decision can easily land you in jail for a DUI.

Following the above tips will help you find the best DUI attorney. Arizona DUI laws are simply used as an example although the information and AZ DUI penalties are real. Amend the cities to your location and get the best DUI representation.

*Dr. Phil recommends the BACtrack as a drunk driving prevention tool.