Furniture Sliders are an essential part of moving, cleaning, and room rearrangement. If you've ever tried to rearrange your family room by yourself you'll know how difficult it is trying to drag around the couches and recliners; and I bet you didn't even touch the entertainment center. It's exhausting trying to get a whole room done because half the time you're fighting with the furniture and what makes it worse is when you keep changing your mind because you don't like how it looks. For this reason alone, furniture sliders will save you tons of time and energy.

If you're unfamiliar with what I'm referring to, a furniture slider is basically a smooth plastic disk that has a rubbery backside that "grabs" the furniture. Placing four of these disks underneath the furniture (one under each leg, or in the case of something like an entertainment center under each corner) effectively creates a platform for the furniture; a platform that is very slippery and sill slide across the floor easily. The way these furniture sliders work is that they have a lower coefficient of friction (are more slippery) than the furniture so they will glide a lot easier. However, all of the furniture's weight is now on the disk so you have to make sure that you have the appropriate sized disk to handle the weight otherwise the disks won't slide right and you'll end up sliding the furniture off of the disks and onto the floor. Trust me, this is a very frustrating process. The key to avoiding this scenario is to get good quality furniture sliders (you'll want to avoid the cheap knock-offs) and to make sure you have the right size furniture slides.

How do you tell what size furniture sliders to use?

Most of the time the manufacturers will provide weights that each of the furniture moving pads will move. I would take these claims and divide them in half. While the sliding disks may technically be able to move this amount, these are under ideal laboratory conditions with the weigh evenly distributed and I doubt that any of your furniture is ideal. That being said, a quality set of furniture movers will move things like a heavy entertainment center with a TV on it, a fully loaded bookshelf, and a full filing cabinet very effectively. If you plan on moving something very heavy (an entertainment center, a full bookshelf or filing cabinet, a heavy dining room table, heavy woodworking equipment like a table saw, band saw or lathe) you should definitely go with the bigger disks, at least 7 inches in diameter. If your moving something lighter (queen bed or smaller, lighter dining room table, couches and recliners) you can probably use the 3.5 inch disks. There are even smaller sliders available which can be permanently attached to chairs which is great for dining room chairs and deck chairs to make them easier to move around.

What's the best furniture slider?

There are many brands of furniture sliders out there, some very expensive and elaborate, some very cheap and you're going to want to find the right sized slider so you don't end up spending more money than you have to but still get the job done. Some of the better brands of movers (Moving Men, Magic Sliders, EZ Moves) will offer packages that will give you both a large and a small set of moving sliders to cover your bases. Each brand is a little bit different and offer different features that makes choosing a slider difficult. There are several furniture slider reviews on the internet that can give you some insight as to how each of them perform. My advice is to buy more than you'll think you need. It's a lot easier to have an extra set that you can use on your couch and then another set on the recliner then having to take them off of one and put on to the other. You'll also won't have to worry about having a complete set if you lose one because three furniture moving pads are useless.