Formal dining room furniture is something that you can have in your family for generations. It's a very lasting design style. However, in a lot of today's modern homes the formal dining room has been done away with. Instead, it is part of the great room and you might even eat breakfast there. It's no longer just a place for special dinners. Here is a way to find formal dining room furniture that gives you a high-end look and at the same time is still feasible for your everyday life.

Go with a dark stain on the furniture. This adds instant formality. It will also give elegance to a basic room and lend a traditionally formal air. The furniture stain should be a mahogany or cherry. Occasionally, you can work with a chocolate or even a black paint.

Formal dining room furniture should have special details to it. This might be carving on the legs or curved lines. Really elegant pieces will have intricate inlays on the top. This means that you should skip the traditional tablecloth and really show off the beauty and craftsmanship of the natural wood; you did pay for it after all.

Find ways to adapt this kind furniture for your everyday life. It's important that your family actually be able to eat on the fancy new furniture. An easy way to do this is to just reupholster the seat covers. A lot of fabrics that come with this design just aren't practical. Instead, you can go with a very nice-looking microsuede or high end vinyl that will be easy to clean up.

You really need to consider the actual size and use of your space when you go shopping for this kind of furniture. You can get carried away at the furniture store and not realize that not everything will fit in the room. You might have to scale down a little. Store your china in a simple buffet or even a small console table depending on how much space you have to work with instead of a full blown china cabinet. This will also enable you to spend more money on quality pieces because you won't be buying as much.

You may already have formal dining room furniture, but it just needs a little bit of a facelift. You can usually accomplish this with just a little bit of paint. The sanding, priming and painting means that it does take a lot of hard work.

Depending on the color you paint, you can totally revamp the style of the furniture. This really comes in handy if you've inherited a few pieces that you just aren't in love with. For instance, if you paint the furniture cream or white it will seem cottage, country, shabby chic or even nautical. If you paint the pieces black you can work with the modern design style or with more traditional elements as well. If you really want something funky and unusual then try a very bold color like a hot pink or light green; just keep the rest of the room neutral.