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Tips for Generating Fast Cash While Avoiding Payday Loan Debt 

While some people turn to payday loans for fast cash, others  sell things on popular sites such as eBay or craigslist to generate fast cash. Still others, however, shop at garage sales when they need money fast. They have found ways to turn people's unwanted items into fast cash while avoiding payday debt. With a bit of planning and creativity, you too can generate fast cash when you need it the most.

For example, when you spot a gently used quality item, visualize its potential. Could someone use it if you painted, upholstered, or simply cleaned it? Many times, that's all you need to transform a chair or a table into a functional piece. Here are some examples of what to look for to get your creativity flowing and start generating fast cash.

Tip # 1 for  Getting Fast Cash

Turn lamps into fast cash. Often, all you have to do is add a fringe braid, which you can buy at any craftingstore, to the shade. To add the fringe braid, apply glue along the edge of the bottom of the shade. Carefully affix the fringe braid over the glue along the edge. The result will be a traditional lamp that you can sell to get some fast cash.

Tip #2 for Making Fast Cash 

ChairsTurn wooden chairs into fast cash. Chairs have a lot of potential. Almost any chair can be sanded and either painted or stained. Afterward, simply add a coat of clear coating. You may want to upholster the seat. All you have to do is buy a small piece of tapestry, or use an old drape to upholster it. You can sell it for three times as much as you paid for it, if not more. Solid-wood furniture is worth money.

Most people don't like to paint wood. However, for people that like the cottage, shabby chick, or French style,  painted furniture is perfect. Those that like country decor can also incorporate painted furniture into their cozy environment.

End Tables
End tables are a third way to generate fast cash. Once again, all you have to do is sand it, stain it, and clear coat it. Use an oak-color stain if you want a country look. If it's a traditional table, you can use a dark stain like cherry or mahogany.

Another option is to clean the table and sand it in strategic areas only. Don't sand it all the way down to the wood, only the high traffic areas. The result is a distressed table. The fact that people often pay money for distressed items gives you an opportunity get fast cash.


Additionally, a faux finish is a good alternative to use on wooden tables. You can find faux-finish kits at craft stores. It may seem expensive to do this, especially when you need fast cash, but you can use one kit on multiple items.


Dressers - A marble or granite faux finish on a dresser will turn into cash. If you prefer, you can use a stencil to turn the item into a French piece of furniture. You can find a stenciling kit at your local craft store. 

Tip #3 for Generating Fast Cash


Look for mirrors with ceramic or wooden frames. Clean them, spray them with a dark color (green, black, or dark red). Apply gold leaf to it for an antique and traditional look. You may apply this same procedure to vases, pots, candleholders, picture frames, and numerous other items. The procedure is simple and does not take much time. You can turn the item into fast cash in a matter of minutes.  

Tip #4 for Turning Items Into  Fast Cash


Wrought iron items such as candleholders, picture frames, and wall decorations don't require much work. They are an easy way to generate fast cash. All you have to do is clean the item and paint it with black or sea-foam green spray paint. Wrought iron decorations fit in well with French, Italian, and Tuscany décor.

Once you have a number of refinished items, you can sell them to generate fast cash. Have a tag sale. Put a tag with the price on each item. Advertise it the same way you would advertise a garage sale. Computer savvy individuals may want to list the items online.

These are just a few ideas to get help you generate fast cash. Be creative, and use your imagination. It may seem expensive to apply some of these money-making ideas, but if you pay very little or nothing for the item, you can afford to do it. It's a practical way to multiply your investment.

In summary, with hard work, you can generate enough fast cash to put food on the table, pay a bill, or get you out of a tight situation. However, that's not all. Some people have turned similar money-making ideas into personal businesses, which helps them to continue getting fast cash. Best of all, their creativity and initiative has kept them out of payday loan debt, while generating the cash they need. 

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