The most common types of wasps that can be found in your yard are yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Wasps are insects with yellow-and-black coloring and they usually build their nests on the underside of trees, dumpsters, or decks. These pests can grow in number, especially during the peak nesting time.

It is crucial to implement wasp control since these pests can be dangerous. Wasps are stinging insects and they can deliver painful and usually dangerous stings. These insects can sting repeatedly when provoked, and the resulting stings can lead to numerous health problems. With that said, it is crucial to eliminate these unwanted insects and prevent them from establishing a nest.

Wasp Deterrent And Baits

The best way to control wasps in your yard is by preventing them from getting into your property. The most basic and obvious way to keep out stinging insects, such as wasps, is to keep any kind of food properly sealed and kept away, and this includes keeping your pet's food sealed. You must also keep your drinks well-covered when you are outdoors since this can attract not only stinging insects but other pests as well. In addition, make sure that your garbage bin is always closed and tightly sealed. Lastly, you must get rid of any fallen fruits in your property. You have to understand that these fallen fruits can attract wasps due to the sweet smell of their juices.

Aside from these preventive measures, you can also consider these tips to get rid of wasps that are already in your property. All you need is a honey jar.

  1. Check all the rooms in your house. Look for wasps. If you find these insects in a particular room, you must lock the doors and windows to ensure that no wasp can get out of the room.
  2. Prepare the honey jar then place water inside it. Remember to have a lid ready.
  3. Place the jar in the room that is filled with wasps.
  4. These insects will fly into the jar because they are attracted to the sweet scent of honey.
  5. Place the lid on the jar once the wasps are inside it. Keep the lid on for one to two minutes.
  6. Keep doing this until you get rid of the last wasp from the room.

Another DIY wasp control tip is to use an empty jar, a bit of jam, and orange juice.

  1. Make a hole into the lid of the jar that is about as wide in diameter as your pinky finger. The secret is to make an opening wide enough for wasps to crawl inside but not be able to fly out of the jar.
  2. Fill the jar about half full with orange juice.
  3. Smear some raspberry jam under the lid. This will attract the stinging insects.
  4. Seal the jar then place it on your yard or away from traffic.

The stinging insects will be attracted to the sweet scent of the juice and jam; thus, they will crawl into the jar and be trapped inside. You can wait until night falls before getting rid of the contents. Do it over again the next day using a fresh batch.

Remember though to take necessary precautions when trying this method because wasps can sting multiple times when provoked. Their stings may contain poison which can lead to health problems.