Doing anything the first time can be a daunting task. We don’t know what kind of mistakes that we can make and the best way to go about things. This is just as true when it comes to going on your first bicycle tour.

Now you may think ‘what could possible go wrong’ but that would indeed be a mistake, as there are plenty of things that can go wrong!

So here are my tips for people thinking about going on a tour on their bike for the first time.

Don't Bring Everything but the Kitchen Sink

What I mean by this strange title is most people tend to pack way too much when they go on their first tour. It is true that it’s nice to have things with you to use for all kinds of problems and situations.

But if you’re really weighed down then the bike tour will soon become something that isn’t enjoyable at all. Of course if you’re going on the tour for more of a body training exercise then being weighed down might be just right for you but for most people, they go on this type of trip for the enjoyment of riding a bike while watching lovely views.

Great video of someone on a cycling tour in New Zealand

Don't Try to See Everything

When you’re planning your tour, you’ll often look on the Internet and see all kinds of wonderful places that you just have to visit.

Then you start to plan where you’ll be riding each day and sleeping at night. And you’ll often find that to fit in all these wonderful places, your route will mean you’ll have to ride a huge distance each day.

Unless you’re super fit, this will simply not work for you. You’ll end up riding all day and even into the night to keep up with your hectic schedule. And you’ll probably be so tired that you won’t appreciate those wonderful places that you’re rushing to visit.

So take your time; sometimes less is more.

Test Your Body and Bike before the Tour

You can either buy a bicycle before the tour or hire one at the tour destination. But either way, you should ride regularly before you leave for the tour. If you’re planning to hire a bike at the destination then you can either;

  • Borrow a bike from a friend.
  • Hire a bike in your local area and take it back before your vacation.
  • Buy a buy as you’ll probably want to use it in your local area after the tour anyway.

By riding often before the tour you’re testing and preparing your body for the vacation and if you’re bring a bicycle that you’ve just bought for the tour then you’ll also be able to test it’s up to the task and has no problems.