Family time management is crucial to keep your family together. However, if you are a working parent family time management is very difficult. These days, you will find fewer families where one parent works and the other stays home to look after the children. In addition, most people work more than eight hours a day and these frequent overtime hours adds to the difficulty of family time management.


Typically, the bread-winner will leave home before the kids wake up and will return home maybe in time for dinner and to say goodnight while the secondary earner works part-time just to take care of the kids and household chores. This is a constant challenge for most families.


To achieve good family time management, you need to consider two factors:


1. Goal Setting – Good family time management is all about setting goals. You will simply go round in circles if you have no goals or plans at all. You should include all the things that you wish to achieve. In addition to your goals for your career, you must also give time to yourself and to your family. Whatever you wish to accomplish, and whatever you want your family to be, you must make a list of goal for you and your family to focus on. Realize that this list must include your spouse’s input and goals as well. In addition, as your children get older include them in revisions to your ongoing list of goals. This is a terrific way to plan family vacations and involvement in community or charity projects. These are the kind of activities that will cause your family to grow together and achieve more that you possibly could by yourself.


2. Set a Timeframe – Setting due dates for your plans is also a key to good family time management. After you have identified and written down all of your goals, make a timetable on a 24-hour basis outlining your daily activities.


After you have done this task, you can clearly see how much time you spend in taking care of your family or just simply being with them. If your family is a high priority then this must be clear in your daily activities and schedule. You should not just squeeze in your family time wherever possible in your schedule. Instead, plan time for your family. Eat breakfast with them everyday or set aside an hour every night before your kids go to bed so you can spend some time with them. Talk about the goals that you have set and the plans you’ve made. Be excited and they will also be eager to see those things on your list of goals come to life.


When your priorities are clear to you then you can start your day knowing that you are in control of how you will use your time. Before the day ends, go over your accomplishments and see whether you were able to take care of your priorities as planned. The information that you will gather from your assessment can be used to plan your actions for the following day.  Always remember that we don’t live just to work. It is important to know how to spend time wisely so you can benefit from better relationships with your family and loved ones.


How do you make sure you have time for your loved ones?


What advice can you share with some that might be in a family time management rut?


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