The newest season…tips for beautiful skin over the summer


Reminiscing about a few summers ago…I sat at the side of a resort pool, and as I applied my SPF 50 in liberal amounts, I gazed at the middle-aged woman next to me with devastatingly damaged skin.  A bottle of tanning oil stood on the small table in between her and I, and I cringed.  Then another woman, of about the same age…or she could have been her mother, I’m not sure, sat down and began applying the oil to her leathery, cracked, aged skin.  I moved the umbrella to provide more shade for myself, as they clearly would not miss it.

Summer is here, at least for some parts of the West Coast (US), and we are all prepping for  manically hot weather to bronze our legs and darken our arms.  But think wisely, people…yes, this is a warning…well not really a warning; more like a direct suggestion, if you will.  Sunblock UP!

Of course those are the last words everyone wants to hear when they are about to tan for the first time in…well…let’s not talk about it…but please people!  Skin Cancer is among us!  It always has been, in fact, and will continue to be for the rest of our lives unless the sun dies, so there is no point in fighting against it.  Though I do not have the statistics of happenings per year, I know that approximately 90% of cancer is in the skin, and I know that sunburns can turn into skin cancer in anybody, not just some with a certain skin tone.  Sunblock, even more than sunscreen, helps enormously in blocking the sun’s harmful  UVA/UVB rays, as does moving around versus sitting immobile, baking in the heat.  If you are wearing sunblock, do not think for a moment that no tan will form.  Your skin will darken.  Although tans are slimming and look nice on some who tan correctly, taking them too far can result in a painfully overdone tone that looks leathery, unhealthy, and unattractive.  Just because it is the color of a tan, doesn’t mean it looks nice. 

In addition, try to focus as much as possible on your face, giving it all the protection it requires to stay healthy and beautiful for the length of your life.  UVA rays damage collagen…think of collagen as your body’s natural Botox, except that it makes you look normal, and not alien-like.  Less collagen=more chance of Botox.  Never something you should resort to.  Too much sun exposure without caring for your skin on a regular basis produces premature wrinkling and aging, and since tanning is such a hot topic nowadays, we are seeing prematurely aging skin in younger and younger people.  Tanning oil is probably the worst product ever invented, and in my opinion, should be illegal, or at least pronounced unethical.  It doesn’t inhibit the sun; it invites it in. 

One thing you can do to make your skin feel good over the summer is exercise. Run on the beach (you’re in the sun aren’t you?), working out at the gym, and going in the steam room trigger sweating, which enriches your body in salt.  Also, swimming in the ocean will provide salt that exfoliates your skin and makes it softer and more moisturized.  Swimming in chlorine pools strips the skin, and you, of water, so drink plenty of water after swimming and use a good moisturizer.  Go for effectiveness, not for smell.  Unless it conveniently smells goodJ 

All in all, to defy the laws of aging and wrinkling, and especially skin cancer, you must take care of your skin.  If you don’t, it’s your choice, but quite a shame. 

Keep on blocking, beach-lovers!