When it comes to homemade hair removal produts, sugaring mixtures are among the easiest to prepare using standard ingredients from your pantry. These mixtures are sometimes called waxes because the hair removal method is similar to waxing. While the products used in homemade sugar wax mixtures are natural, they can still cause irritation and pain so be prepared to suffer a little for your smooth and silky skin. After waxing, you can use hair inhibitor formulas to slow down your hair's growth. You can purchase a one of these formulas in drug or beauty supply stores or make your own using a hair inhibitor lotion recipe.

Prepare your Skin
Any natural oils or makeup and lotions can prevent your homemade sugaring mixture from adhering to your unwanted hair. This could mean that you rip the cloth strip off only to see that the hair remains firmly attached to your body. Prevent this by washing your skin with a gentle soap and warm water before you begin. Avoid scrubbing at your skin or using any products that may cause irritation because the irritation could become worse during the hair removal process.

Trim your Hair
Extremely short hair is not suitable for sugaring but extremely long hair can become tangled and cause excessive pain during the waxing procedure. Aim to remove hair that is at least 1/4 inch long but less than 3/4-inch long according to Milady's Standard Cosmetology textbook. You can use scissors to trim your hair to a suitable length.

Gather your Equipment
Assemble all of the tools you need before you begin so you won't have to go looking for them with any sugaring mixture dripping from or drying on your skin. You'll need a flat wooden stick to spread the mixture and several cotton strips to remove it from your skin. If you're removing hair from a large area of your body, such as your legs, you may want to place your container of homemade wax into a bowl of hot water. This will help keep it warm while you work. Another option is to prepare it a small crockpot and keep it set to the lowest temperature. You might want to cover the area where you plan to work with an old towel or blanket to prevent dripping honey or sugar onto your floor or furniture.

Sugar Wax Recipe
You can make a sugar wax with just a few simple ingredients. Combine two cups of sugar with 1/2 cup of water and the juice from 1/2 of a fresh lemon. Heat the ingredienets in a small saucepan over low heat while stirring constantly. The wax will turn brown and become thick and sticky when it is ready to use. Wait for the sugar wax to cool before you begin to apply it to your skin to avoid burns.

Honey Wax Recipe
Make a homemade honey wax by combining 1/2 cup of honey with the juice of one fresh lemon in a small saucepan. Heat the mixture just until the honey becomes very warm. It will look thinner when you stir it when it is ready. Remove the honey from the heat and allow it to cool until it feels warm but not hot when you dab a small dot of it on your wrist.

Apply your homemade sugaring wax to your skin in the same direction of your hair's growth. Hold your skin taunt and start with a small area of your body to help you get the hang of the process without creating a sticky or difficult to remove mess. Press a cloth strip onto the wax and smooth it down firmly with your hand in the same direction you applied the wax. Grasp the end of the cloth strip firmly and rip it off quickly in the opposite direction of your hair's growth. Try to keep your hand as close to your skin as possible during this motion because you want to pull the strip against the hair's growth, not away from your body. When you finish sugaring, any of the remaining wax will rinse away easily with warm water.