One of the major issues that comes up in many different businesses who handle their own writing is the question of how to improve press release writing.  This shouldn't be surprising at all as these missives serve an important purpose of allowing businesses, charities, or individuals to get the attention of the media for their story. In exchange, the media has the ability to look through a large number of story ideas and find what they need to fill a paper, blog, or newscast. Most reporters are flooded with news releases each day, which makes writing a great one that sticks out so important. Your story needs to stand out instead of getting lost in the daily avalanches of potential story ideas.

PR Writing Tip #1: Study examples of badly written releases. So many press release writers create terrible drafts and send out ones that never have a chance. If you can just avoid the biggest mistakes many of them make, that is often enough to make yours stand out. By eliminating the most common and egregious mistakes, you're already going to be ahead of the game when it comes to writing good press releases and getting more journalists to pay attention to your business, news, or cause.

PR Writing Tip #2: Study good news releases. The online world is filled with examples of great press releases from journalists who want to see more good examples and less of the same old junk. By studying both good and bad examples, you will get a much better sense for what journalists are looking for as well as what they hate. A little bit of time studying what really gets a positive response will go a long way towards getting you where you want to be.

PR Writing Tip #3: Eliminate wordiness. Revise your press release as many times as you have to so your wording is precise. Journalists train to write concise sentences without fluff, and the best news releases express that type of efficiency, as well. Don't use fluff, flowerly language, or four paragraphs when two will do.

PR Writing Tip #4: Grab attention with the title, first line, and last line of your release. You want to grab the journalist's attention, keep it, then close strong enough to make them want to know more. Great press releases do all of these things while leaving them wanting to know more. Creating this thirst for more information is how you get your story.

PR Writing Tip #5: Remember a personal human touch. One really great quote can often make the difference between an average press release and a great one, and it shouldn't be hard to get a good relevant quote from someone involved in the business, story, or project. If you can't get passionate and fired up about whatever is being covered, does it really deserve its own news report?

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PR Writing Tip #6: Revise your press release one more time. No matter how efficient a person gets at writing news releases, one more check through is always important to find excess language, strengthen the overall flow, and catch any mistakes that you might have made the first time through.

PR Writing Tip #7: If all else fails and you can't self-educate yourself into writing better news releases, take a look at local colleges and take a business writing or basic journalism class. There are many very capable writers who can produce an outstanding release for any given news story, so if all else fails then you should be able to find a capable freelancer.

PR Writing Tip #8: Don't be so creative you can't recognize the format anymore, that's just a bad news release writing.  Work within the style rules and deliver something that is easy to scan, understand, and make sure the contact information is easy to spot. This is critical to having any media success.

PR Writing Tip #9: Make sure your release is news worthy. Flooding e-mail boxes with poor press releases is a sure way to burn bridges when something truly good or news worthy comes along.

If you follow these nine tips you are sure to end up with much better press releases which are much more likely to be picked up by businesses in addition to providing excellent marketing for your business or cause. Attention matters both online and offline, and learning to throw out one of these amazing submissions is a great way to help make sure you don't get ignored. Let your voice be heard!

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Anatomy of a Press Release Video Tutorial

This is a wonderful step by step video that speaks about the way that a truly good release is put together. Understanding every section going into this will help any individual to put together a more readable and more effective release that will garner the type of attention he or she is looking for. You're only 12 minutes away from learning every step by step aspect of putting together that winning press release.