If you're considering installing your own roof, it is definitely crucial that you have a good grip of all aspects of the project before you begin. With roofing, a single mistake early on can be extremely damaging in the long run. Your roof is one of the key components of your home for keeping you safe, secure, and comfortable. The main thing to remember when undertaking a large project like this is that paying attention to detail is critically important.

When most people think of what they'll need for roofing, they consider many different aspects of the job. One thing that can slip through the gaps quite easily, though, is roofing felt. This minor layer plays a big role in keeping water and pests out of your home, so installing roofing felt correctly is really important. Fortunately, it isn't that difficult to do a good job with the installation so long as you have some idea of what you're doing. While every roof is somewhat different, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind when you're installing roofing felt that applies universally. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure a job done right.

Prepare the Sheathing
Before you begin installing the roofing felt, make sure that the sheathing layer underneath has been suitably prepared. The most critical aspect to this is moisture. If the sheathing layer isn't completely dry when you lay down the roofing felt, the water which is trapped in between can damage the roof over time. Damage to the sheathing or the felt can lead to expensive repairs in the future, so it's best to make sure that the sheathing is completely dry before you proceed. In addition, make sure that no other junk gets stuck in between layers, such as falling leaves, twigs, screws, or other tools.

Smooth Each Layer of Felt
When you install roofing felt, you lay down each strip one at a time. It's important each time that a strip has been put into place that you take the time to smooth the strip out. This makes sure that no air gets trapped in between the felt and sheathing. The process of smoothing may seem a little tedious at the time, but it's definitely something which you should be vigilant about.

Overlapping Roofing Felt Sheets
Another important part of installing roofing felt is overlapping the individual sheets which you lay down. This is an essential aspect of waterproofing your home, so make sure when laying down the felt that you don't cut any corners. Overlapping the strips means that it will take a bit more material and a bit longer to complete the roofing felt installation, but this is certainly time well spent.