If you've been part of the 95% that have failed in network marketing then it is time to turn over a new leaf and achieve internet network marketing success! Generally people failed for two reasons – they were chasing the wrong people and they didn't have enough time to contact enough people to grow their downline. Internet marketing has changed all of that and has made network marketing success truly possible.

Get Your Own Website!

Having your own website is critical to your internet network marketing success. Don't rely on affiliate websites you can send visitors to - you want your own website that brands you and lets people know that you are the person they need to sign up with. In addition to branding yourself with your website it will also help to open up new marketing possibilities that are not necessarily available when you are relying on an affiliate site.

Use Internet Marketing to Grow Your Downline

One of the most popular internet marketing techniques today is search engine optimization and rightfully so since many visitors will find your website using search engines but this is not where it should end. In addition to search engine optimization there are also a wealth of other online marketing techniques such as social media marketing, article marketing, PPC advertising and more.

Increasing People's Exposure to Your Program through Email Marketing

It has been proven that most people need at least seven exposures to a product or service before they will buy and so you need to ensure that they get this – through email marketing. Always do email marketing the legal way – build your own list with a squeeze page on your website and avoid buying lists. Your squeeze page should ideally give away something of value that will entice people to give you their email address.

Let's Spread the Virus!

When someone signs up to your email list what do they receive? A good idea is to give them an e-book or piece of software with master resell and giveaway rights that they can pass on and sell to others with your ad embedded in it. Then when they do pass it onto their friends, more people see your advertising message and so the number of people exposed to your marketing increases exponentially and greatly increases the chance of you receiving more sign ups to your program. This is known as viral marketing and is very powerful for promoting your network marketing program.

Follow Up Personally

Following up personally can greatly increase your sign up rate. If you've got people's telephone number give them a call or otherwise send a personal email. Just let them know you are there and ready to answer any questions they may have to help you seal the deal.

Support Your Downline

When your downline succeeds – you succeed! Help your downline succeed – share useful information or tools with them to help them sign people up.

Use the wonderful tools available on the internet to truly achieve network marketing success and help your downline also achieve success. Don't stay in the 95% that fail but move into the category of those who know their tools and know how to get sign ups effectively and with minimum rejection.