Introducing children to computers is a lot easier than you think. Children grow up around all of the latest technology, which means they will be able to learn how to use the computer in no time at all. Of course, it is up to you when you decide to introduce your child to computers, but children as young as 2 years have been easily taught to use computers. If you are in the market for a new computer, check out stores like Dell Home and Lenovo.

Move Slowly

It is best that you introduce children to computers slowly. Children have a short attention span and will easily become bored if they are forced to do something for an extended period of time. You probably want your child to embrace computers, so begin by working with them on the computer for only 15 minutes or so at a time. A great way to introduce children to computers is to sit them on your lap while you play a child friendly game or watch a fun movie. Once your child starts showing more interest in computers, you can begin working on basic functions, such as using a mouse, typing and navigating throughout the computer system.

Word Processing

It is recommended that you introduce your children to word processing programs before you move onto the Internet. While the Internet is a great tool, it can also be a dangerous world for children. Once your child knows how to use a mouse and type, open up a word processing program and let your child type anything that he wants. To make things fun, you can teach your child how to insert pictures into a word processing program and let your child type a short story around the picture. Children are going to use word processing programs throughout their entire life, so the earlier they learn how to use them, the better.

The Internet

Now that your child knows how to use the mouse, type, navigate throughout the computer and use word processing documents, you can move onto the Internet. Of course, you should always be monitoring your child while he is using the Internet. A great way to introduce children to the Internet is to access websites that feature children friendly learning games. Teaching your child how to use search engines is very important, too. Instead of typing in the address for a child friendly learning game website, let your child type the name of the game into a search engine. Once your child knows the basics of using the Internet, you can move onto setting up an email account. Once your child gets older, you can install parental control programs on your computer that will prevent your child from accessing R rated content.