Writing a journal is a great creative outlet and also allows you to easily reflect back on moments in your life that were important to you. You can find some basic journals at stores like Barnes & Noble or some very extravagant styles from designers like Vera Bradley. Here are some tips on how to get started writing a journal:

Make Time Each Day

Take a little time each day to write in your journal. You can write in it throughout the day if you would like; this way you can capture the true feelings you had at an exact moment (before they are diminished). Most people find that the evening is the best time. This way you can reflect on the entire day's events.

Date and Times

Always include the date and times when you are writing. This is a very handy tool for those who write in their journal throughout the day. When you reflect back on the writing, you can determine how you felt throughout the day; maybe you were angry in the morning and by afternoon something wonderful happened and you forgot all about what angered you in the first place.

What to Write

It does not matter what you write in your journal. The writing does not have to be superior, it just has to be in your own style. There are many things that are hard to express after they have happened. By writing them down when the feeling is strong, it captures the moment and you can reflect on it years from now. Many people write to release their emotions onto the page and repress them from acting out; this is a great tool for those who are extremely emotional but have a hard time expressing themselves to others.

Writing Style

Journals are an expression of the writer. There is no wrong or right way to write in your personal journal. It is for your eyes only in most cases, so the only opinion that matters is your own. Some people find that it is easier to write in their journal in first person using words like "I" and others prefer the writing style that is more generalized or poetic. However you write is your decision, and if you write in first person on Monday, you are free to choose a more poetic style on Tuesday.

Writing in a journal can be a great experience for many. It gives them the ability to write down their true feelings and express their feelings in a way that they normally could not. If you miss a day or two from writing in your journal, it is not a big deal. Use the journal as your personal outlet and write as much or as little as you want.