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From the college classroom to business meetings and seminars, Microsoft Office PowerPoint software has become the standard visual tool use in many presentations. Once you have mastered the program, making a simple presentation can be done quickly and efficiently. Add some videos and animation and it can greatly enhance any public speaking presentation. But first you have to learn how to work PowerPoint to make the slides. You have several options from free to fee-based if you want to learn how to create slides and other presentations on Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. All it takes is some basic knowledge to make a good powerpoint presentation.

Take a PowerPoint Class

Check your local community college course catalog for classes. Most colleges offer basic computer skills classes including for Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Some classes are even offered online.

Check your city or county’s Parks and Recreation department classes. Many have adult learn classes including computer skills classes.

Take a course from a private computer technology teaching service. Many private companies offer Microsoft based courses including for PowerPoint. Depending on the program, you may take these courses online or in a classroom setting.

Do It Yourself Learning Options

Ask a friend who is proficient in PowerPoint for a lesson. Just be sure to offer a nice gift card or lunch as a thank you for the to work powerpoint(73618)

Buy a book on using PowerPoint such as Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Plain & Simple. Such a book will guide you through learning the basics and more advance features of the software program. These will also teach you how to set it up for use at a public speaking event. To make it easier to learn, do buy a book that features the version of the software you have. Although the basics of PowerPoint remains the same in each version, there are feature upgrades and some changes to where you find some functions in each version. If you have a PowerPoint tutorial book that does not match your version, you may become frustrated. 

Play with the program yourself. Open PowerPoint and just start clicking on the buttons to see what happens. Type in the boxes and insert photos. If you have some basic knowledge of how Microsoft Word works then you will find PowerPoint is easy to use. Use the “Help” feature where you can type in questions. This will give you step-by-step instructions for creating specific features. Take notes as learn how to work PowerPoint on your own to remember the steps the next time you open the program.

A plus of using PowerPoint is that the audience will be less likely to lose interest and retain more of the information. With Microsoft Office PowerPoint’s popularity and benefits, knowing how to use the program is sometimes a required skill in many classrooms and for many jobs. Do not let the idea of learning this software overwhelm you. As a Microsoft program, it functions are basically the same as any other Microsoft Office software. If you are not familiar with using Word, then paying for a class will be in your best interest. If you are comfortable using Word, then you can probably learn how to work PowerPoint by teaching yourself with the help of a tutorial book.