Cell Phone(110944)
Credit: Anna Langova

We have all been there! You are trying to meet someone, or you're lost and your cell phone becomes a dreadful brick! It takes all you have to not throw it into the bottom of a lake. 

These practical tips are easy to use, and don't need any sort of hack or gimmick. 

1. You should lower the brightness on your phone. Most of us use our cell phones indoors, and you certainly do not need to use the highest brightness setting. Set it whatever is comfortable for your eyes, and your battery will thank you. Also, using a phone with the brightness too high will eventually cause some discomfort to your eyes.  

2. If your phone has 4G or GPS enabled it will definitely kill your battery. The rate at which these features drain your phone is astounding. I typically only use 4G when I have access to a charger. Some phones come with these features on, to show their off their features. So, it's important to go in there an turn them off. To me, it's no big deal to wait a few seconds for them to enable when I do use them. 

3. If you are somewhere with poor reception either put your phone in Airplane mode or turn it off. No point in killing your battery on a feature that's not even functional. Also, phones use lots of power searching for a signal. This compounds the problem even further. 

4. Reduce the numbers of apps running in the background. A lot of phones have the ability to run multiple apps at the same time, but it comes at the price of lower batter performance. If it's not practical to disable an app, how about reducing how it runs? I know with the email apps I use, I can change how the frequency at which it checks the mail. Personally, I can live with checking it every hour versus every five minutes. Check the settings of apps always running to see if you can improve your battery life. 

5. If your phone gets dirty, you should check out your battery contacts. If they are dirty, your battery life will suffer. It's easy to clean with alcohol and a cotton swap. On a side note, this is a great way to improve the life of your car battery as well.

Remember, everyone wants more and more features, but a large leap in battery technology needs to happen to support them. So, in the meantime cell phone companies might be getting better at power management, but the gadgets and apps sell their phones. Until a breakthrough happens, lean to manage the power usage of your phones. I hope this articles finds you with a few more bars of battery on your phone.