Lucid dreaming (dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming) can be a wonderful experience. With these tips, you can learn how to experience it regularly.

Tip 1: Keep a dream journal. It is hard to have a lucid dream if you cannot remember your dreams in the first place! Have a pen and paper next to your bed so that when you wake up, you can immediately start recording your dreams. You don’t have to be very detailed, but write enough so that you can remember the general dream later. Hurry! Dreams can fade quickly.

Tip 2: Read through the dream journal before going to bed at night. People often have patterns in their dreams. If you go over your dreams every night, you will start beginning to notice these patterns when you are awake.

Tip 3: Tell yourself, before you go to bed, that you are going to remember your dreams and that you are going to lucid dream.

Tip 4: Do reality checks during the day. Ask yourself constantly if you are dreaming, and then assess if you are dreaming by trying to read (which is much harder in a dream), looking at numbers, pinching yourself, or another technique that appeals to you.

Tip 5: Try waking up early, staying awake for 15 minutes-1 hour while thinking about lucidity, and go back to sleep. Lucid dreams are often achieved this way.

Tip 5: If you realize during a dream that you are dreaming, you might begin to wake up. There are ways to prevent this, such as spinning around or falling backwards.

Tip 6: Start controlling your dreams. When you realize that you are dreaming, try changing the surroundings. I like to do things I normally cannot do, such as jumping of buildings and flying. Dreams are also a good way to solve problems, so try working out issues in your dreams. Sometimes, you find creativity that you don’t normally have in real life. Dreams are also a good place to deal with fears. I sometimes picture something that frightens me, and then embrace it. It lessens my fear.

It may take a while before you have regular lucid dreams, but it is worth the effort. Every nap can be an adventure. Sweet dreams!