Improving Office Efficiency

An efficient office is a successful office.  Whether it’s creating more space, streamlining office procedures, getting rid of clutter or simply hiring the right people to take care of the right job, efficiency will make your office a more enjoyable place to be.

  • Streamline your daily office operations.  A lot of time can be wasted when it comes to simple everyday tasks.  When attempting to make your office a more efficient place, it is important to analyze these day-to-day procedures carefully in order to eliminate any wasted time or energy.  These office operations could refer to responding to emails, tidying up the office, refilling office supplies, maintaining organization in supply closets on personal office space, etc.  By finding the best possible way to do such things, you’ll be saving time, energy and ultimately money as you increase office efficiency.
  • Hold weekly office meetings. Having a weekly meeting where you discuss current projects, upcoming deadlines and meetings, or even just day-to-day things that you’re working on can be a very helpful way to ensure that everyone is doing their job efficiently.  At these meetings, you can also have everyone put together rough to-do lists of what they’ll be working on and hope to have accomplished by the following week.
  • Hire a virtual receptionist. If you’re trying to consolidate, outsourcing some of your office positions can be a great way to save money and space. When hiring a virtual receptionist it is important that the individual who will be on the other end of the phone knows about your company and knows the types of things customers will be calling about.  There is nothing more frustrating that customer service that isn’t able to be of service.  It is important to make sure that you don’t sacrifice good customer service when outsourcing these types of services.
  • Get organized.  Having an unorganized space is the quickest way to reduce efficiency in just about all aspects of your life, especially in the office.  Take a little time to organize your desk, closets, waiting room, storage space, etc. to help reduce clutter and increase office efficiency.  While it may take a great deal of time initially, if you keep it up, you’ll end up saving lots of time down the road.