How many of you feel as though your apartment home is just too small? Remember that having a small apartment unit does not mean you cannot have the full functionality of a larger one. You can still give it its own personality, character, and style. Comfort and organization do not have to disappear because of space. Here are some small ideas that can give your apartment home its own meaning.

Multi Function

If you want to maximize the most space in your apt home, buy furniture pieces that can serve for multi-functional uses. For example, if you purchase a trunk, maybe you can use this as a coffee table or even a desk. Can your bedroom serve as a makeshift office? Set up your bedroom in one corner, and have a desk with your computer on the opposite side. If you use this idea across your entire space, you may surprise yourself. Place a treadmill in a nook and this can serve as an exercise area.

Don't Clutter Your Apartment Home

It will be very important that you don't find yourself bringing home more and more "things". For example when you bring something home, be sure and take something out. This will prevent you from the build-up of junk in your home.

Its all About Storage

Small apartment homes must be organized very well, or you risk them being nothing more than a storage room. Get creative about where you store items. Remember there is extra space outside on your patio or underneath your bedroom. Keep a designated place for your keys and other personal items. Remember, clutter is your enemy.

Go Vertical

Make use of every inch of space you can. If you can purchase tall furniture pieces or place hooks in your walls, you can store lots of items. Books, kitchen utensils, are all possible items. As long as your organize all of items and make use of the vertical space, you can make your apartment home seem roomier.