One of the advantages to metal outdoor chairs is that they really do last forever. You can invest in these pieces and have them for years to come. Of course the cushions will often need replacing but this gives you the opportunity to change up the look and get a new color or theme in your space. However, the chairs themselves with proper care should be quite lasting. The disadvantage is that since these chairs do last so long, you've probably seen them for quite a while. You might even have the same set that you used to have as a child in your backyard. This can leave your whole space feeling a little bit uninspired. You can really incorporate these into the overall theme. This will lend a sense of cohesion. You can also makeover your existing patio landscape furniture to save money while getting a new look just by following these few tips.

Consider the shape. This will really determine the overall theme and the same principles that apply to buying indoor furniture also apply to buying outdoor furniture. You should really put a lot of thought into these purchases because they are some of the only items that you will have outside so they really need to work with your lifestyle. At the same time, it should have a different style to it so that your patio has character.

You can also work this can furniture in with your craft projects. If you are really into mosaic tiling then consider this type of furniture. You could just buy new metal outdoor chairs to go along with a mosaic table. This is a way to bring in a lot of different colors and create your own unique color scheme. You can also mix and match the patterns of the tiles for a very unique look. You could even try a more contemporary version of this kind of design style just by going with more neutral tiles. You can mix and match different pieces of broken china to bring in more pattern and interest into the pieces. You could either tile the back of the chairs as well or you could just leave them plain. This way you'll save money and time. At the same time it also make sure that the space isn't too overwhelming.

The same principle applies if you are going for a festive Spanish theme. You can just use plain black chairs to mimic more expensive wrought iron that will compliment the bright yellows, blue and red tiles beautifully. This allows you to mix and match a lot of different elements together depending on what fits within your budget and what you can find. It also gives your furniture a lot of character and new life.

These chairs can be quite expensive. You can really change things up just by going to thrift stores or garage sales. Often when people buy new sets they'll just get rid of their old ones. You can do the extra work to get a vintage feeling and save a lot of money. You'll just need a little bit of spray paint to really make a big impact. They even make spray paints that can help you get a metallic finish. However, some of the brighter finishes never really looked that convincing so you might want to go with more of a dull metallic color. It can be very difficult to mimic shiny silver or stainless steel so you might just want to go for a more modern black and white that will still have that contemporary feeling while giving you a very even finish at the same time.

Then you can really use this kind furniture as the jumping off point for the rest of your design style. If you have a delicate set then go with more of the bistro effect. You could even install striped awnings on the outside of your windows for a cafe feeling that will really add a lot of impact. You can just spray paint this with a fresh coat of black paint so that it looks like wrought iron. Then you can decorate with cute little traditional flower pots. This is a very classic design style and it really allows you to pull everything together using the items that you already have when you pick a cohesive theme.

You can even work with this kind of furniture in a contemporary design style. You may be able to find chairs with a silver finish. Be careful because this can be quite reflective and they might even hurt your eyes in the daytime. However, it can have a very big impact. Since these chairs can be quite expensive you might just want to find one that is comfortable without cushions on it just so you can show off the true beauty of the material and get that sleek look.

This material can seem a little bit harsh. It can also be masculine. There are several ways around this. For instance, you might not think that it would work with a country theme but that doesn't have to be the case. You could layer different rusts and browns on top of each other to create kind of a rustic effect. This will really have a dramatic impact and gives you a chance to experiment with faux finishes. You really don't want to overdo this finish just because it should still look sleek and elegant. The lines of the piece should be carved and intricate. This really juxtaposes against the harsh metal finish. Then just bring in the rust finish on the rest of your furnishings and the accessories should be very elegant. Otherwise it will kind of look like a junkyard and people would just think that you have uncared for furniture. It's important to really stage these kind of your spaces.

You can also give it more of a feminine look with paint. You might not be able to find pink patio furniture readily available but you can create your own. This can give you a cottage or English garden feel that no one else will really have. It's perfect if you like to have lunch with friends outside or you are even doing a wedding or a tea party.