When it comes to moving from Canada to the United States, or from the United States to Canada, there are many factors in planning the move. With things like Visas, Customs, hiring a moving company, and a huge variety of things to take into consideration, it may be extremely stressful for some; so here's to hoping this small guide will offer you some valuable information to alleviate some of the pressure you may feel when planning a complicated move such as these.

A lot of cross-border trips are moving Alberta to the States, which is quite a nice, scenic trip. If you are well prepared for your move, providing all the necessary paperwork to get your household across the border to your new location, you will have a very easy move ahead of you.

First of all, you're going to need to hire a moving company that is able to move you across the border. Atlas Van Lines is a tremendously popular choice amongst people that have done a few moves between the North American borders, and they have been highly reputable for many years. They provide helpful services to make your move go stress free and smooth as possible. Every year, Atlas Van Lines moves families across the border from Canada to the United States and provide their customers with amazingly helpful advice. You should always make sure to read up on hiring a moving company to find out how things work, so you aren't left puzzled.

Another piece of advice they will give you is that Atlas Van Lines has no control or influence over custom regulations or policies. They will suggest you deal directly with the proper agencies or consultants to gain clearance into the US, using detailed information per your situation. You must complete a U.S. Customs form 3299 to import your household goods from location to location.

Quick tips for filling out your U.S. Customs 3299 Form:

  • Use your full name only
  • Enter family members full names that will be going to the U.S. with you
  • Give your moving representative a copy of your entry Visa
  • It is ideal to have extra copies of your ID (photocopy)

Getting your vehicle into the United States from Canada is not as hard as you may think. Your vehicle must meet the EPA and Safety Standards of the United States, so you need to contact your manufacturer (Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, etc.) to get a letter of clearance, or pre-approval for your vehicle. Be ready to give your moving representative with your VIN, details like your vehicles' year, make, and model. You must also provide them with a return fax, or mailing address. Vehicles manufactured in Canada or the United States are exempt from any duties.

Importing firearms into the United States is a little bit more restricted - and it is ideal to not ship firearms with your household. You must obtain an import permit for firearms, alcohol, and tobacco.

Getting your pets across the border will take a few extra steps in your moving process. You need to provide proof of rabies vaccinations, with certifications from your veterinarian to say that the pets are in good health.

As you make your way to the border, you should just relax and think positively. If you have been cleared after providing all the correct paperwork, your move will go very smooth.