Telecommuting is a dream come true for many employees. By being a telecommuter, you either work at home all of the time or part of the time. Either way, being able to stay home all day is much more appealing to many people than heading into the office. If you are someone that brings your work home with you, you might be interested in a system like GoToMyPC, which allows you to remotely access a computer from anywhere in the world. Here are some tips for new telecommuters:

Create a Ritual

Being a telecommuter has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there is nothing better than being able to work from home all day in your pajamas. However, when you are at the office, your boss is constantly watching you, which means you are forced to work. There is no one forcing you to work at home, which is a major disadvantage for some people. One of the best tips for new telecommuters is to create a ritual. The purpose of having a ritual is to get any of your morning errands and other things done before it is time to sit down and work. Simply put, you have to treat working from home like a real office job.

Set a Schedule

Once you have your morning ritual planned out, you need to set a work schedule. You need to set both a starting time and an ending time for work. If you aren't someone that likes to sit in front of the computer all day long, schedule one to two hour blocks that you will work throughout the day. Be sure to schedule a lunch break in your day, as well. Once your scheduled work day is done, shut down your computer and go on with your life. While many people fail to get their work done at home, others end up working too much because they are already home and no one is forcing them to leave the office.

Have a Good Work Space

It is very important that you have a good work space if you plan on being a good telecommuter. Don't plan on taking your laptop to your living room and sitting in front of the television all day. You will eventually stop doing your work and start watching television; before you know it, your day is gone. The key to being a telecommuter is to have an office with a desk. Having a quiet office space for yourself will cut down on possible distractions, which will increase your performance. You will find that you are more inclined to work your set schedule if you have a separate room to go to where you are distraction free. Of course, you can still wear your pajamas all day long.