Everyone knows that a new baby is the perfect reason to celebrate, and a great time to get together with family and friends you may not have seen in a while. Besides all of the fun and laughter, there's plenty of planning that will need done first.

Whoever is throwing the shower will have to decide on the guest list, where the shower will take place and when, and of course, the ever important baby shower favors.

Since an event such as this will require quite a bit of preparation, it's imperative to create a list of things that need done, as well as assigning people to be in charge of certain tasks.

Most times, the parents-to-be won't be involved with planning the specifics of the shower, but instead will be handled by family or close friends.

Of course they may actually want to be a part of all the details, or perhaps they would rather simply show up and just enjoy the special day.

Deciding on which type of baby shower favors to make or buy can often be a tough decision simply because of the endless possibilities to choose from.

You'll want to pick something that reflects the theme of the shower while keeping the new parents in mind, and also something the guests will be able to use.

Before buying the supplies you'll need once you've settled on a design, be sure to take the time to comparison shop in order to get the best prices possible.

Your first stop should definitely be your own computer, as the internet has hundreds upon hundreds of sites devoted to selling a mind-boggling array of quality baby shower favors.

Besides the wide variety, you may be able to find some good bargains and pay considerably less than you would in a local craft shop or chain store. While browsing the internet, also make a stop at the many auction websites, as you may stumble across some great ideas or deals as well.