Dairy Free Smoothie Tips
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A smoothie can be the easiest snack or meal to make. It is also the easiest thing to mess up. Believe you me, I have had my fair share of smoothie fails, flops, and disasters. Today I want to share a few tips and tricks to perfect smoothie making that I have learned along the way.

First things first. If your not already a smoothie drinking machine, now is the time to start!

Benefits of Smoothies:

  • Nutrient dense - More bang for your buck!
  • They keep us hydrated - Just think of how much liquid and hydrating produce you're taking in!
  • Full of essential nutrients  (I’m not a huge fan of salad, so I add spinach and kale to my smoothies)
  • Helps with regularityExtra liquid + fiber = winning!
  • Easy on our digestive system - Everything is blended, so our bodies save energy during digestion, therefore giving you energy. When we eat heavy meals, it takes a toll on our digestive system, leaving us tired and groggy. 

Now for the tips and tricks...

What kind of smoothie do you want? 

Creamy Smoothies- Freeze fruit prior to blending. This makes for a thick and creamy end result, and won't water it down, like ice cubes can often do. Soaked nuts also add a creamy texture. Soak nuts overnight and they’ll be ready by morning.

Tart Smoothies- Try adding lemon juice to your fruit smoothie next time. Don’t have any? Add zest of orange, lemon, or lime. Better yet, use lemon juice and zest. I add orange zest to almost all my fruit smoothies. Yum.

Green Smoothies- If your new to adding greens to your smoothies, my advice would be to start slow. For your first time, add only a small handful and do a taste test. I always add fruit to mine to balance out the bitter greens. 

Dairy Free - Coconut milk, almond milk and coconut water are great dairy free options. You can even use an almond milk or soy yogurt in place of dairy yogurt for a nice tang. 

Protein Packed - There are so many great plant based protein options. Not only do fruits and veggies have their own protein count, but adding a handful of nuts or spoonful of nut butter will boost your smoothies protein. You can also add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to take it to another level. 

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More Tips:

  • Add liquids first thing to blender, then solids, powders, etc. Less is more, since you don't want to end up with a watered down smoothie. You can always add more liquid to get things moving. 
  • Make smoothies ahead of time by putting them in an airtight container in the freezer. Thaw overnight in the fridge and take your smoothie on the go. 
  • Use dairy free yogurt instead of ice cream or frozen yogurt. For even better results, freeze the yogurt 30 minutes in ice cube trays prior to blending.
  • Ice, ice, baby. Adding ice will increase the thickness and volume of any smoothie. I love freezing almond milk and coconut water in ice cube trays for a tasty alternative. 

What's your favorite thing to add to your smoothie?