If you are like most women and want to be fashionable yet comfortable at the same time, picking shoes can sometimes be a challenge. Stores like Famous Footwear and Shoes.com have the styles you need and the prices you can afford. While comfort levels vary by person, there are some rules of thumb that most women can follow.

Pick the Average Heel Height

Even if stilettos or very high heels are in style, you should stick with the average heights when it comes to comfortable heels. Around two to three inches is about the right height for comfort, as anything more than this could cause back or knee problems. You wouldn't want to feel uncomfortable so it is best to try not to wear high heels for a long length of time. Also, try to choose a wider heel rather than a thin one, as this will better handle your body weight and give you more balance. You can find these size heels in fashionable and classy styles and still walk in them for long periods of time.

Look Tall without Being Uncomfortable

Most women love to wear heels as they can make you look taller and also slimmer. They look great with dresses and make you feel and look feminine. If you work on your feet for the better part of the day, then you will definitely want some heels that are comfortable and not too high. Again, you should go for around two to three inch heels at the most. Anything higher may have you cramping up in a few hours. If you do want to try stilettos, pick a pair with a platform heel in the front. This will decrease the size of the back heel. It will give you height while also providing comfort.

Try a Wedge

Low wedge heels are good because the base is solid, which will make walking easier for you. There won't be any wobbling around and they are quite popular right now. Many wedges now have a very thin wedged heel, however for comfort, you will want to choose shoes with a wide heel as this will distribute your weight more evenly.

Some good rules of thumb to always consider are as follows: only choose high heels for special occasions, work or business meetings. When you will be involved in any type of outdoor activity, make sure your heels are sturdy to prevent falling or ankle strains. Try the shoes on in the store so you can find out what heel height is best for you. Never wear another person's heels, as everyone eventually forms their shoes to fit their stance. Putting on the worn heels of someone else could throw off your walk and cause falls or injuries. Remember back pain and knee injuries are real problems that can be caused by wearing heels that are too high. Opt for comfort and enjoy your heels on special occasions.