When you shop at stores like Onlineshoes.com and FootSmart, you will get a wide assortment of all-weather shoes to choose from. With Winter fast approaching, it is imperative that you keep your feet warm to enjoy the season. Many try to wait until the last minute in order to buy a hardy pair of shoes because they feel they won't be able to find a fashionable pair for a reasonable price. However, with a few tips and with a good pick of online shoes stores, you can find a great pair of hardy shoes today.

Learn Fabrics

Winter time is not the season to skimp on fabric. Leather and suede are great fabric choices for this time of the year. Both can help to keep out water and snow as well as endure a lot of wear and tear. You can also find some hardy shoes made of polyurethane. It's always a good idea to feel the fabric with your hand; you may even want to pull and tug a bit to make sure that the fabric your shoes are crafted of is not flimsy. The fabric that your hardy shoes are made from can last for years, so choose wisely.

Insulation Is Key

When it comes to purchasing a pair of hardy shoes or boots, you will want to check the insulation. This is a part of the shoe or boot that is on the inside. The insulation will provide warmth beyond compare when it comes to a side by side comparison with shoes that have no insulation. Down is now used for some shoes and boots and if you've every purchased a down coast or jacket, you know just how warm down can keep your body. Suede is still a great choice for lining and is very soft to the touch. A suede lining will keep you warm and also allows for heavier socks to be worn with your hardy shoes or boots.

A sherpa lining is just as good also for keep your warm in a hardy pair of shoes or boots. You will find that many of the newer styles have this type of lining. The ever popular cotton lining has not gone totally out of style either. Trying on the shoes before making the purchase will be key to figuring out just how warm the lining will keep your feet.

Craftsmanship Matters

As with anything, craftsmanship truly matters. Make sure when you buy a pair of hardy shoes, you check the stitching. If the workmanship is shoddy, there is no use in purchasing the shoes or boots. Poor, loose or hurried stitching can cause your hardy shoes to fall apart after the first few wears. No matter what the name brand, always check by tugging and pulling a bit at seams and attachments on any pair of hardy shoes that catch your eye.

Don't neglect to do comparison shopping when picking the best hardy shoes or boots. Many websites list how much bad weather or cold temperatures can be endured.