Babies love lights and sounds, and even the baby who has everything can appreciate a new toy from a store like Leapfrog or Babies R Us. Gifts for new babies require more thought than you might think, since a lot of friends and family members will all be purchasing a gift for the new addition at the same time. It is highly likely that the baby will receive the same gift twice. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your gift stands out from the rest.

Think Ahead

Chances are excellent that the baby who has everything will also wind up as the toddler, preteen and teenager who has everything. Bearing that in mind, why not shop for gifts that are a few months or even a few years ahead of their current age and development level. While a newborn has no need or appreciation for a sandbox, a two or three year old certainly will. You should keep in mind that when buying gifts in advance; they will have to be stored somewhere in the meantime. You'll want to purchase smaller items that you know can easily be stored in the baby's home.

Ask Other Moms

All moms have kids. Asking the mom of another child who is perhaps a bit older than the child you are buying for to give you tips and suggestions is a sure fire way to come up with unique gift ideas. These moms will know better than anyone else what items they always wanted and never received, as well as what items they received multiples of. You can also ask about items they never thought to ask for, and what items they wish they had thought of before the child outgrew the need for them.

Gifts for Mom and Dad

Babies who have everything also have parents. If you simply can not come up with an item that will work for the baby in question, consider a gift for mom or dad instead. Items such as diapers, formula or a hand sewn quilt are still for the baby, but are more of a help to the parents than the children. These items are still incredibly welcomed and appreciated. If you want to take the idea a bit further, try giving the gift of a massage, a college savings bond or even free babysitting.

Keep the Receipt

Finally, you'll want to keep the receipt of whatever you purchase. No matter how creative you think you have been, there is still the chance that your gift could have already been given. Gift receipts are available at most major retailers and offer the ease of return and exchange. Make it clear that your intention was to help mom and dad out with a fun gift, and if it isn't needed, you want the parents to purchase something that is.