Selecting a movie can be very difficult.  You go to the store and start reading the backs of the boxes, only to discover that none of them really tell you anything about the movie and half of them sound suspiciously similar.

After working in a video store for seven years, I learned a thing or two about weeding through the thousands of titles and picking out the gems.  Here is my advice for picking a film you will enjoy!

Start with what you know you like.  Make a list of your favorite films.  Then figure out if they have anything in common.  Are they similar in genre?  Do you tend to like movies starring a certain actor?  By a certain director?

If you find you like movies involving specific people, search for those people on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).  You can find the link in the resources section below.

Don't skip the previews.  Pay attention!  Usually the trailers before a movie are selected because they have some sort of relevance to the film you are watching.  Keep a notebook and write down the titles of anything that looks like you would enjoy it.  Don't forget to bring your notebook when you go to the video store.

Before you go rent a movie, it's not a bad idea to read some reviews and see what other people have to say about the movies you are interested in.  But remember, reviews are only opinions.  I've read a lot of bad reviews for movies I love, and rave reviews for movies I felt were a waste of my time.

The same can be said for taking advice on which moveis are good or bad from friends and family.  Everyone's taste is different, so before you take advice blindly from someone, do a little recon.  Ask them about a variety of your favorite movies.  What did they think of the movies you already know you enjoy?  If they didn't like any of the movies you've enjoyed, chances are you won't have the same appreciation for the one they're recommending.  (It's also helpful to ask about movies you know you didn't like, which can confirm a complete difference of taste.)