Stores like Sears and Kohl's are known for carrying affordable perfumes and colognes for every taste and style. You can make sure you leave a lasting impression wherever you go by wearing the right scent. There are scents for both men and women that make a special statement.

Trying a fragrance before purchasing is always a good idea. You'll want to smell it at first spritz, and then you'll want to walk around and continue shopping in the store to see how the fragrance smells on your a bit later. Believe it or not, fragrances can change depending on your body chemistry and your natural body smell or scent. Some additional keys to keep in mind when choosing the right perfume or cologne are as follows.

Consider Where You'll Wear the Fragrance

If you'll mainly wear the fragrance every day to work or school, you will want to choose a scent that is not too strong, but one that may readily dissipate as the day goes on. This is because you don't want to irritate anyone who is in close proximity to your desk or work area. You never know who may be allergic to scents, and you'll want to keep your cologne or perfume light for everyday use.

Fragrances with hints of floral and smells of the sea are great for every day use. However, if you're headed out for a night on the town with that special someone, a stronger scent might be in order. Many colognes and perfumes are said to have pheromones that are very attractive to the opposite sex. For a man, a musk or woodsy smell might be perfect for such times. A woman might want to lean towards the exotic smells of certain flowers for a late night out.

Consider the Cost

There are so many designer fragrances out there and most of them have designer prices. Picking your perfect scent for special occasions can be very exciting. You may have a favorite entertainer or designer that you'll want to patronize. Shelling out the money for these special occasion scents can cost a pretty penny. Perfume is at the highest end of the spectrum, but you can also buy toilette, lotions and body baths that will help to layer the scent.

Layering your scent is a great way to guarantee that you smell wonderful all day long. Both men and women can layer their scents. Remember the lotions, bath salts, etc., should be the same as the main cologne or perfume you've purchased. This can be a significant cost, so plan to use these scents sparingly. However, if you're selecting a scent for daily wear, you'll want to consider the price. If you are using a fragrance every day, it will run out fast and you'll have to replace it soon. Since your perfect perfume or cologne should never take up a major portion of your budget, you can minimize the cost by shopping at popular and top notch department stores.