The Hawaiian Islands are a great way to spend a romantic vacation with the one you love. With the beautiful scenery and landscapes, along with the crystal blue waters and lush vegetation, it is almost impossible to visit Hawaii and not fall in love. If you have romance on the mind and want to plan a romantic Hawaiian vacation with an airline like Alaska Airlines, then check out some of the tips below to get you started on that unforgettable trip full of romance and love.

Know When to Go

Hawaii is beautiful all year but that doesn't mean anytime is fine to travel. Check out the forecast and research the rainy months to avoid missing out on the sunshine. Even in the rainy months you can enjoy a romantic vacation. You can avoid the crowds and enjoy cheaper airfare if you plan your Hawaiian trip from April to Mid June or September to mid December.

Choose Your Island

One of the hardest decisions people make when travelling to Hawaii is deciding which island to visit. Oahu is known for exciting nightlife and some amazing beaches, but Maui is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations because of the romance the island offers. If you want a more secluded area, the island of Kauai offers private beaches and seaside cliffs along with the most amazing sunsets in the world. The big island is more of a family island with more families than couples exploring the area (and is sometime more crowded than the other choices).

Find the Best Vacation Package

When you plan your trip, browse through several packages offered and find one that offers everything you want to do to save money on your trip. If you want to be more spontaneous, you can purchase a package that simply offers a beautiful room along with airfare. Take your trip one day at a time and explore the islands on your own schedule.

Plan Your Flight

The flight to Hawaii may be a long one and if you do not plan properly, the trip can add stress that will carry over to your vacation once you have landed. Be sure to bring along reading material, music to listen to and maybe even a sleeping pill to get some rest as you spend hours over the water before arriving to the island.

Find the Best Activities

Once you have arrived on the island, you'll have no trouble finding something to do. There are many different tours and events that are going on year round and the hotel you are staying in will be very helpful in assisting you to find something that you will enjoy. From scuba diving, cliff jumping, island hopping, pig roasts and authentic Hawaiian festivals, the islands are packed full of excitement, romance and mystery to explore.