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When looking at planning a large corporate sales meeting or other event, there is much to be considered in order for it to be successful.  When planning any meeting or event, a good strategy is to plan for the desired end in mind.  What is the goal for the meeting you are planning?  Most often, that goal is to build team unity, offer training on new or existing products, and to increase the bottom line production of the sales staff.

With those ends in mind, the agenda for the meeting or event comes into play.  Offering training on new products can be done in a large or small group setting.  If multiple vendors will be represented, would break out sessions be more beneficial in your planning?  In this case, a venue with the ability to manage several break out classes will need to be considered.

In selecting a venue, there are many aspects to consider, especially if the meeting is to be help out of town.  How accessible is the proposed site to the airport?  Does the site offer transportation to and from the airport?  Is the proposed venue within the budget considerations of the meeting?  Does the site offer group rates for a corporate event or  sales meeting?  Are there recreational activities nearby for the attendees?

Clearly, the planning of a large corporate event requires a substantive investment in time and effort to make the event even occur, let alone to make the event a successful one that will ultimately improve your bottom line.  With all of the factors that are necessary in planning and executing a large scale sales meeting, many companies either have one person on staff to manage all of the details needed to plan the meeting or use planning professionals to plan sales meetings

Using a third party professional is appealing to many since the determination of the event running smoothly is often found in the details.  Meeting planning professionals can find the best location, set up and manage the registration for the event, work with the venue to ensure that the proper space is available, find speakers for the event and even provide on site management so that the entire event runs smoothly as far as a back door and details point goes.  By hiring a professional service to do your meeting planning, you are allowing them to do what they do best, and giving you the opportunity to plan for your work in the meeting – the presentation and motivation of your team, which is your strength.  Hiring meeting planners makes a corporate event a win/win.