The Commander Mode has made it's long awaited return in Battlefield 4 since its last appearance in Battlefield 2. However, this time, players can play as a commander on their mobile device, tablet or PC effectively letting Battlefield 4 players play anywhere that has a solid WiFi connection. In Commander Mode, the commander will be able to talk directly to squad leaders, give attack commands and provide your team mates with certain assets in battle. This time, unlike Battlefield 2, players cannot join as a soldier and a commander. In Battlefield 4, it is either or.

In order to access Commander Mode, players must first reach rank 10 in multiplayer. They will then be able to join a server specifically as a commander. Each team is only allowed one commander, meaning a max of two on each server. Players should be aware that commander mode is not available on all game types. It is only available on:

Squad Deathmatch

However, you can't just join a game as a commander all willy-nilly and expect you can sit there and do nothing. When a commander is present, the squad leaders will gain the option to mutiny against the commander if they do not feel they are doing an adequate job. When enough squad leaders vote to mutiny, this will begin a two minute countdown so the commander has time to appease them and prove he is worth his salt. If a mutiny does get approved, the new commander will have some grace period before another mutiny can be staged again.

So, now that you know you can get kicked from commander, it's best you learn how to use this mode so you don't look like a fool.

commander mode squad control in battlefield 4

Squad Panel and Video

The above highlighted sections pertain to your squads. When you assume commander mode, a direct chat line opens up to each squad leader, which you can use by selecting their name and talking through the microphone. When you select a squad leader, you can also see what they are doing in that tiny little video window highlighted in green. So if you select a squad leader and see them diddling around, you have the option to go ahead and yell at them.

The selected squad will also have all members of that squad shown as green, while everyone else is the friendly blue. So if you are looking for one particular person that is not a squad leader, that is a good way to find them.

perks in commander mode

The Perks

Now onto the good stuff, the stuff people actually want to play Commander Mode for—The perks. If the perks weren't so good, who would ever want to play as Commander, it's just getting yelled at by a bunch of jerks. The perks are gained by controlling various points on the map, as highlighted above. Perks like Evacuation Order, EMP UAV, and Scan UAV are given for holding your teams home base which you cannot lose. So you will always have those perks available.

The other perks are different depending on the map. As shown above, controlling point C (in conquest) gives the ability to deploy a gunship while point D allows for vehicle scan. If you do not control the point, you cannot use the perk. However, once you are ready to use the perk you can click on a control point and set it down whether you control it or not. For example, in the above picture, I have my gunship from controlling C, so I can set it over D to give my teammates so help taking it.

Once you use a perk, it will go on a cool down timer. For the heavy hitters like a gunship it will be longer compared to UAV.

commander bonus

Commander Bonus

When you are in a squad, you get bonus perks for doing helpful things and this bonus keeps going unless every member of that squad dies simultaneously. The commander gets similar bonuses, however a commander cannot die so as his "bonus" bar builds by doing helpful things and squads following his commands.  The commander can then spend these bonus notches by helping the squads.

For example, as highlighted above, it shows I have enough points to drop a supply package. So thus, you can click on a player and drop it or drop it as a point on a control point (as highlighted above). This will cause you to lose two notches on your bonus bar. So if I had a full bar and chose to do a vehicle drop, it would use the whole bar.

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What Are All the Perks in Commander Mode for Battlefield 4?

Now let's take a closer look at what all these tools actually do. Some maps have certain perks, so you may not see all these on every map.

Scan UAV - Shows enemy units within a certain area
EMP UAV - Nullifies enemy Scan UAVs
Evac. Order - Advises friendly soldiers within an area to leave
Vehicle Scan - Scans for enemy vehicles across map
Infantry Scan - Scans for enemy soldiers across map
Missile Strike (either Cruise or Tomahawk depending on team) - Drops a powerful, but slow missile on an area
Gunship (either C-190 or AC-130 depending on team) - Causes a gunship to circle map and rain destruction
High Value Target - Once an enemy has reached a killstreak of six, they will be selectable by the commander and able to be marked as a top priority kill
Supply Drop - After dropped and approached by a player they can get ammo, health or change their class
Vehicle Drop - When dropped over land, drops a quad. When dropped over water, drops a jetski.
Promote Squad - Gives a squad one notch higher in their squad bonus bar.
Reinforce Squad - Allows for faster respawn of squad members.
Attack Target - Commands the selected squad to attack a control point.


Scan UAV frequently. It is free to use and recharges particularly fast, take advantage of it. Particularly in an area that is heavily competed for. With any luck, your team will not have an enemy commander or at very least an incompetent enemy commander. Do not waste your Scan UAV on an area that is under a EMP UAV though, it will not work.

EMP UAV the enemy often. As soon as you see the enemy commander drop a Scan UAV over a point, make sure to drop an EMP UAV if possible. This nullifies their scan and hides your soldiers.

Missile strike with care. The missile strikes are very slow, so if you are aiming for one target it is likely to miss. Concentrate on big clusters of enemies, but make sure they won't be leaving until the missile hits. A good time to launch is when they are just starting to neutralize a point.

Evac. Order is for when you spot enemy missile strikes. The Evac. Order can be used to warn people in an area when high concentrations of enemies are headed at them, but it is best to save until a missile is incoming.  It builds trust, because no one ever runs from enemy soldiers. Hopefully they will listen and leave, unless they are set on staying and dying.

A vehicle drop may not seem really useful, but when you are playing Obliteration and you need to move around quick, a Quad becomes a soldiers new best friend. It is also handy when you have some derp jump out of a boat in the middle of the ocean and has to swim back to shore.