Zynga's newest addition to their games is What's the Phrase.  The game is very similar to the popular long running game show, Wheel of Fortune.

You will play with one opponent either selected by you (Facebook friends) or a random opponent selected by the game.  The first player will  guess three letters.  Each letter's value will be determined by the amount you spun for.  Values range from one hundred to one thousand.  Then it is the second players turn and continues until the puzzle has been solved.


Pick the Categories You Know

When you start your What's the Phrase game you are allowed to select a category (if you the player that will go first).  Categories include food, places to movies and movie stars.  By selecting a category you are confident about can give you a leg up on your opponent. 


Earn Points

Before selecting each letter, the player will spin a digital wheel, like in Wheel of Fortune, to learn what the value of their letter will be.  If you roll a low number, such as 100, you should use that opportunity to guess a letter you are not sure is in the phrase.

If you spin a high number, like 800, pick a letter you are fairly certain is in the phrase.  Even better if you know there is two or more of the letters as you will earn 800 points for each letter in the phrase. 


Two-Three Letter Words

Remember this game is "What's the phrase" and phrases commonly have short words in them that are fairly easy to guess.  If you see a two or three-letter word in your phrase try guessing letters like "s", "t" or "f" that will help guide you to completing the phrase.

If you  have the coins available to spend, you may guess the vowels in that word and hope that it also appears elsewhere in the phrase.

For example:

If the first word is TH_, you can be fairly certain that the missing letter is an "e".  That "e" might be in another word and having the extra letter will help you solve the puzzle!


Solve if You Can!

Since each player gets only three letters a turn to solve the puzzle the game is less predictable.  If you even have the slightest idea what the phrase is, be sure to guess.  It might be your only chance to win the puzzle.


Use the Power ups

There are four different power ups to choose from in What's the Phrase.  The most expense is Spin Again.  For thirty coins you can spin again for a higher value and an extra chance to guess a letter!  

The next power up is educate which will provide you one addition consonant in the phrase for twenty coins.  You get the extra word without the extra coins.

If you do not have that many coins to spend you could try the eliminate power up with will remove three incorrect consonants from your choices or the bomb which will place three hidden bombs on the opponents letters.  If they hit one of the bombs they will lose 500 points.


Most of all enjoy playing What's the Phrase!  After all, it is all for entertainment.