Basic Steps for Relocating to Another State

Relocating can be an exciting but scary! In particular, relocating to another state! Whether you are moving for work, school or just because there are many ways to make the transition a little less stressful. 

Tip 1: Find Help!

There are many relocation companies that can help with your move. Their staff can help find a new home or apartment, open bank accounts, and even assist you with school or daycare search for your children.

Advice: Create a list of questions for the relocation company to answer. Brainstorm what is important to you and then ask the important questions. 

If your company offers moving help, as in a relocation package, for your move, take advantage of it! Most companies will foot the bill for their executive employees when it comes to the move. Most companies will try to limit this expense, but remember to keep asking for help. Companies have a budget for such things, so make sure you take full advantage. 

Tip 2: Make Multiple Trips

If it is realistic, taking a few trips to your new town will help you adjust to relocating there. Take the time to find the nearest gas station, grocery store and other places your family is intereted in. 

It is important to get to know neighborhoods and directions to places as soon as possible. Before you know it, you will know your new area as well as the old!

Advice: Know where you are going! If you get the chance to visit before your business move, make your moving company take you to several different places. 

If it is not realistic to take a physical trip, do not be afraid to spend some time on Google learning street names and locations.  Google Maps is an excellent tool to help you and your family learn about your new area.


Tip 3: Give It Time

If you are relocating due to business or another circumstance, try to move into your new home a few weeks before you need to be there. That way you will have time to relax and enjoy your new home before you need to begin other things.

Advice: There is a lot of stress enveloped in your move; for you and your family. If you have vacation time or if your company offers time off, take it and give yourself the chance to adjust to your new setting!

If your company is relocating you, ask to be out there and have a week or two before starting your new position. You and your family will need the time to be together and adjust to the new area.

Tip 4: Be Packed for a Long Relocation Process

Start packing early! Even if you or your company is hiring a moving company, it is best to start as soon as possible. Packing up a spare bedroom, garage or storage areas is easy to do weeks before your actual move. 

Advice: Try to be organized weeks before you move. You will feel more comfortable during the entire process knowing that your belongings are properly packed, secure, and will arrive at your new destination. 

Also be sure to label everything. Even if you think you will remember what is in the only black box or where you leave your address book, in all the travels you will forget something.

Tip 5: Knowledge is Power!

Try to find out as much information as possible. For instance, there are golden relocation guides on YouTube waiting for an audience. Ask questions! Ask lots of questions! Focus on what is most important for you and your family. 

If you have kids, ask about the school system. Ask about private schools and how soon your child can enroll. Find reviews about the local daycare businesses. How much do they cost? Will they accept your company's insurance?

If you are seeking a little more fun, try to find a community that has a night life. Find out about local events. Is there a variety of restaurants or pubs? Does the city have popular athletic teams? 


It's important to find out as many tips for relocating to another state. This guide was written to inspire you to open your mind and prepare for your new life in a new place. There's a chance that you won't find everything you are looking for, so be realistic! Remember to ask questions of your relocation company and take a tour of surrounding areas to answer all of your questions.