5 Tips for Renting a Truck

If you are about to move and you can't decide to choose between hiring a company or renting a truck, here are some ideas that might help.  Between the two choices renting a truck is much cheaper.  I am currently moving 250 miles south and my truck rental is $250 dollars.  If I was to hire a company it could be $2500 or up.  The only reason I would not rent a truck is if I had so much stuff that moving it myself would break my body.  Fortunately, I do not have a lot of stuff so with the help of some neighbors I will not only move quickly but for a very low-cost.  If you plan on renting I have 5 tips that will help you.

Tip One

Rental companies are competitive so comparing upfront prices is not beneficial in terms of saving money.  Where they differ a lot is in their insurance packages and extras.  For example, where I am from U-Haul charges $10 dollars for a dozen Furniture Pads (blankets).  Penske charges $15.  It may not seem a lot but when you buy 3 dozen blankets you are paying $15 dollars more with Penske.  Before settling on the upfront rental cost do your research on the prices of the insurance and extras.  This will help you in deciding which company to rent from.

Tip Two

This is easy to forget but if there is an overhead, garage, or carports that the truck needs to go through you will want to know how tall the truck is.  Truck rental sites like to show the height from the floor of the bed to the ceiling.  They don't typically mention how tall it is from the ground. Check this! It could save you a headache.

Tip Three

Saving money is great but saving it by assuming nothing bad will happen to you is risky at best and life wrecking at worst.  Purchase all the available insurances that the rental companies offer.  Do not leave it to chance that nothing will happen to you.  If the truck gets ruined or even damaged and you didn't insure it, the costs could be mind-blowing.

Tip Four

Get a Dolly.  This will save you time and it will save your back.  Don't be Superman and lift everything by yourself.  Get some equipment and get some help. At the end of the day your body will thank you.

Tip Five

Don't forget a few things.  Plan to spend money on gas.  These trucks are gas guzzlers.  Though my rental is cheap I am planning to save a chunk of money to fill up the tank while on the road.  Also make sure you know where you are dropping off the truck.  Is there a drop off in your new town or do you need to drop it off at another place.  This will also affect how much gas you use and ultimately how much money.

Be safe on your move and good luck!