Winter Snow

When you live in a rural area where the weather can get extremely bad then it is important that you take a few precautions to help remain safe. Oftentimes people who live in rural areas where it snows a lot have grown up there and are very familiar with what steps they need to take to remain safe. However if you a new to the rural country way of life and it snows a lot then you need to be very cautious.

Never take weather reports for granted. If it is snowing heavily and the wind is blowing then the white-out conditions created can be very dangerous and even lethal. Do not attempt to drive into town during a whiteout unless it is an absolute emergency like rushing someone to the hospital that is dying.

Many people each year are injured or die when they attempt to drive in white out conditions. If your car breaks down and you attempt to walk then you can easily get disoriented and freeze to death. You may get lucky and only get frost bite, of course this means you may lose a finger, a foot, or possible even a whole leg.

If you do have to travel in white-out conditions and your car breaks down then remain with the vehicle. It is much safer to remain seated in your vehicle as opposed to walking in white-out conditions during heavy snowfall with high winds and possible getting disoriented, lost, and freezing to death.

When you car is broke down and you are waiting for help it is vital that you remain seated with your seatbelt on. Visibility is little to nothing so it is very probable that you may get hit from behind by another car that cannot see very far in front of them. Even though you are not moving you need to keep your seat belt on in case you get rear ended while you are parked off of the side of the road.

Before winter arrives you need to ensure that your rural home is stocked with everything you need. You obviously need a large supply of food and water; however you also do not want to run out of diapers or baby food when there are white-out conditions outside.

Keeping a large supply of bottled water is very important in case you lose your homes water supply. Keep a variety of foods and also ensure that you have a lot more than just Hamburger Helper. Canned food is very important. If you lose power you may not be able to actually cook any food.

If you lose power it is always nice to n0ot only have a generator on your property, but to also know to use it properly.

If the conditions are white-out and you lose power you can always use your charcoal or propane powered grill to cook up some steaks or hamburgers. The only place you should try and cook with a barbecue during a whiteout is in the garage. You need to keep your garage door open for ventilation and keep the grill right at the entrance o the garage. If the wind is on your side you will be able to grill away all night if you want to. If on the other hand the wind is blowing directly into your garage then you will need to make other arrangements for dinner.

Owning a 4-wheel drive or an All-Wheel drive vehicle is also a necessity for many people who live in rural areas where it tends to snow a lot in the wintertime. If you do have to drive into town it is much better to have a 4-wheel Drive or an All-Wheel drive vehicle that can give you the added power you need to keep you from getting stuck as easily. An all wheel drive or 4-wheel drive truck or car is also much safer when driving on icy roads.

When You do have to travel make sure that you have a survival kit packe dinto your truck as well as foods such as beef jerky and a lot of water. If you do break down you need to be able to drink and eat.

The most important tip to living in a rural area during a bad blizzard is to be prepared, and be cautious. DO not take any unnecessary risks.