Safari bathroom decor has a whimsical air to it that is still bold at the same time. You can take this design style from modern to elegant depending on how you decorate it. You might want to use this style in a bathroom because you're dying for a zebra print room and your husband won't let you take over the living areas of the house. Here are a few tips for safari bathroom decor that isn't tacky.

Work with natural materials. You might want to bring in a lot of bamboo because it's environmentally friendly as well as very chic and modern. This will give your safari room more of a tropical feel. You can find vanities made out of bamboo as well as your basic bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, tissue holders and waste baskets. Then you can paint your walls a soothing green and bring in a few fluffy white towels and a robe for a spa like atmosphere that still has character.

Use the colors but not the patterns. When you see diagonal black and white stripes you'll automatically think zebra. Since most bathrooms are small an all over print might be too much. Instead, you can just be inspired by the animal. For instance, you could start off with a white tile, bathtub, shower, and toilet scheme. These are all neutral items that you can use to decorate in a lot of different ways so it's worth the investment. Then you can just bring in black accents. Try painting the molding, door, and mirror frame black. You can even get the vanity in on the act. If you feel the need to be literal then bring in a few zebra print pieces although the room will be a lot more elegant without them.

Use the patterns but not the colors. When certain people see animal prints they just think 'tacky". This doesn't have to be the case. You can change the way that people think about a safari themed room. The key is to turn accessories into a work of art and use them in unexpected ways so people just have to fall in love with it. You could be stuck with a pretty limited color palette if you go with animal prints that will just seem a little cheesy. Instead, use your beloved animal prints in different ways. If you found a brown and blue rug in a giraffe print it would almost look like vintage honeycomb tile. The slightly offbeat lines ensure that it is still fun. This allows you to get a new theme in your bathroom for just the price of accessories.

Safari room decor is fun but that doesn't mean that it has to be overwhelming. Whichever theme you decide to use make sure that you invest your money wisely so that you can change out your walk on the wild side decor in a few years. You might think you love animal prints but living with them day after day can be a totally different story.