Laundry room
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Doing laundry is a part of every household routine. The following are some tips for how to save money while maintaining clean clothing.

Buy Energy Efficient Machines

When choosing what type of washer to purchase, look for Energy Star labeled products. Items with this label must meet specifications set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for providing significant utility bill savings while still providing a quality product to the consumer. In addition, Energy Star labelled products help to protect the environment by reducing pollutants that are released into the atmosphere.

Use Machines Effectively

Keep washers and dryers in good repair and performing at their best by following maintenance instructions in the manual. Washers use similar amounts of energy despite the size of the load, therefore, it is best to save by washing large loads.  In addition, choosing to wash garments using the cold water cycle will cut down on energy consumption and reduce utility bills.


Hand Wash Smaller Loads

It may seem primitive, but hand washing smaller loads of clothes requires no electrical energy and less water; thus saving a greater amount of money. There are handheld washing tools and manual wringer machines available on the market to assist in the process. For those who have the time hand washing may be an option for all laundering needs.

Line Dry Clothing

The use of dryers often requires both gas and electrical services. An alternative to using a dryer is to use indoor and outdoor sources of heat and air.  During warmer seasons hang garments outside on lines to make use of the sun’s energy and wind power. When the weather is not conducive or for certain items use racks, hangers or flat surfaces to dry them indoors.

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Make Your Own Detergent

Laundry detergent can be homemade instead of being purchased from a vendor.  It only requires a few inexpensive ingredients, contains fewer chemicals and is hypoallergenic. Recipes for liquid and/or powder soaps can be found online.

Wear Clothes More Than Once

When garments are gently worn and protected from being soiled they can be used again before being laundered.  This keeps clothing from having to be washed as often which in turn saves money and helps them to last longer.