Florida is one of the top destinations for college students on Spring Break. Getting through the week without going bankrupt can be hard to do. Florida, especially the Miami area, seems to get more expensive during Spring Break week each year. Here are some tips to save money when you are in Florida for Spring Break.

Hotels in South Beach

Many people want to stay and party in South Beach. There is nothing wrong with partying in the South Beach area but the hotels will charge a premium over other areas. If you want to save money do not book a hotel in the South Beach area for your Spring Break.

Book in Advance

If you can book 10-11 months in advance you will stand a much better chance of getting a good deal. Last minute motel bookings by procrastinating college students is very common and rarely do hotel rooms go unused during Spring Break. It is important that you reserve and pay for your hotel room for the week as far in advance as you can.

Rental Car?

Do you really need a Spring Break Rental car? You may find that you can save a lot of money by using public transportation and maybe hiring the occasional taxi cab. Rental cars can be expensive and if you are a young college student in town for Spring Break then your premiums for renting the car will probably be sky-high, if the company will even rent you a car because of your young age.


The Everglades is a must visit place for anybody who is traveling to Florida for the first time. In the Everglades you will find a variety of activities that can get pricey. Activities such as the air-boat rides are very popular but also can be very expensive, especially during the peak Spring Break visiting days. Instead of avoiding the everglades you should definitely visit this scenic area but focus on the free and low-cost activities. The most popular activity in the Everglades is simply walking around and watching the alligators.

South Beach

The South Beach area is the most ideal location for Spring Breakers in Miami because of the location. If you do not stay in a South Beach hotel then you will need to spend some money on public transportation. If you want to avoid the public transportation or rental car costs then you can simply rent a motel or hotel in the South Beach area; however, a South Beach Hotel will cost more than hotels that are not as conveniently located. Traffic can be truly awful as well as parking during spring break so you might save the most money by paying more money for a Hotel in South Beach near Collins Avenue.

Avoid Club Drinking

Drinking in the clubs can get super-expensive. You can save a lot of money by doing the popular trick of “get your buzz on” before you head out to the club. To save even more money stick to popular spots such as the beach parties and avoid the clubs all together.

Digital Photography

Taking a good camera with you to Miami for Spring Break will save you a lot of money Instead of spending money left and right you can focus more on taking pictures and preserving memories for the future. You need to carry a good camera with you. Taking digital pictures is a cheap form of entertainment and can make the trip a lot more fun for you. You should always carry extra batteries with you.

Take a Sober Friend

You and your friends should always travel and party with at least one trustworthy friend who does not drink. Every year college students get intoxicated and either gets robbed, spend all their money on something stupid, or even end up in the hospital. By simply taking a responsible and sober friend with you will give your friend the capability to keep an eye out on you regardless of how intoxicated you get. Taking a friend with you at all times who is always sober is  a great way to save money and it really will help you save money when you are partying in Miami for the week.

A visit to Florida does not have to be expensive. If you plan out the trip and do it right then a budget Florida trip is very possible. If you must got o Florida but want to save money then avoid going there on Spring Break. The cost of everything goes up during Spring Break.

Although dirt-cheap vacations can be planned and executed in Florida, you may find that you enjoy yourself more if you are into in a super-strict budget. Northern Florida also tends to be cheaper than Southern Florida. Regardless of when you visit Florida you should try to make it out to Gator World.

A budget trip to Florida is more apt to happen with advanced planning and schedule flexibility. If you can remain flexible in your vacation then you can have a better chance of a cheap Florida Vacation. Florida is a Great State to visit and has something to offer people of all ages and backgrounds.