There are various ways that you can search for players in Championship Manager. You can find players with or without scouts. Finding great players is essential if your team is to climb the league ladder and perhaps win some trophies.

You should have at least one scout at your club. Club scouts can scout in a variety of leagues, both in higher and lower divisions. Thus, scouts unearth less famous players, not included on search pages, that have higher ratings. You can assign a scout to various regions, and some of the best regions to search for new signings are Eastern European divisions such as Russia, Poland etc where you can find some great bargains. Also scout the Scandinavian divisions such as Sweden and Norway.

It's also worth noting that not all players' ratings are clear. In Championship Manager 01/02 lower league players full ratings are not displayed. As such, you'll need to have a scout to reveal the ratings for them.

But you can't expect your scouts to find all the players for your squad. When searching for players from the transfer market you should add some filters to reduce the number. Select the filter position for forwards, midfielder, goalkeepers and defenders. You should also consider your club's budget, and select appropriate filters for that.

It's worth checking out some of the players the other team has during a match as well. You can do this by clicking on the player name from the match ratings. That will bring up their ratings and other stats.

If the player could be a potential scouting target for your club, then you should take note with the add to shortlist option. The shortlist will save the player on it, and this list can include a variety of potential transfer targets. During the inter-season periods you can then return to the shortlist to check out some of the players that you added.

From your league table you can check out which players have the highest match ratings, as well as top goal scorers, etc. Check out those who have the highest average match ratings for your league. If searching for forwards, then you should add some of the highest scoring strikers in your division to the shortlist as well.

To find world-class players for your team, consider checking out the international squads. Check the squads of some of the higher ranked national teams such as Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France and Holland. They'll have many great players in their squads. The transfer requirements for some of their stars might be steep, but some may have contract loop holes such as unprotected contracts.

If you're searching for a somebody specific, then the Championship Manager search tool is handy. With this you simply input the player's name, and the search tool will provide a list of matching players. If searching for a club, input its title and then select the club to check out its squad.

With an effective scout network and your own scouting, you can find a variety of exciting players to add to your squad. In addition, your scout network can discover great players with minimal transfer fee requirements.