One of the reasons for installing fiberglass truck bed covers is to provide protection because the back of a pickup truck is exposed. If you want a cover that comes with a guaranteed lock that is factory installed then a fiberglass cover is a good option. You can be sure a fiberglass cover is very strong and light, and many have a special handle that makes it extremely easy to use. This goes for both men and women.

Even though fiberglass is light it has a very solid feel to it. In fact, fiberglass is so tough that many vehicles are made exclusively of this material. This is a material that can take any kind of weather no matter how extreme. You can be sure your cargo will be protected. If you live in a climate that demands a tuck cover then a fiberglass cover can be easily installed. You can have the manufacturer fit the cover or you can do it with a wrench and the right screws. It takes round about an hour and most covers do not require any drilling into your vehicle.

You will find a fiberglass cover is easy to manipulate and lift because it is light. Most of these covers come with hinges on the bed and are opened at the tailgate. There are others that have hinges situated down the bed's middle and run from the cab to bottom of the tailgate. This kind of cover is opened on the sides of the area used for cargo.

It is possible to get fiberglass covers in any color. In fact, it is possible for you to ask the manufacturer to match the color of the cover with your truck. This is an accessory that truck owners love to make their own. They do this by color and also by the application of a unique design. If your truck is used for business you could have your logo applied to the cover. This is a great way to advertise. For those who are extremely cost conscious there is a winged facet on the back to make the truck more aerodynamic.

There are many manufacturers that specialize in the production of fiberglass truck bed covers. Many are listed online and this makes it easy for you to get in touch with the right experts. You have the choice of choosing a ready made cover for your specific model of truck. You can choose anything from basic black to something more eye catching. All you have to do is simply discuss your ideas with the manufacturer or supplier. Your vehicle will look professional and your cargo will be kept safe from weather and theft.

The light weight of fiberglass covers makes them easy to handle but because this material is so strong it is safer than soft covers. Soft covers are made of vinyl and if you aren't in sight a thief could easily slice through it and take your cargo. Fiberglass has proved over the years it is a reliable material to use in the manufacture of truck bed covers.